Ruzuchi's Red Eyes


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Item #: SCP-3940

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3940 is contained within a 15x15x3,5m room with rows of lights on the ceiling, installed for enhanced visibility. The only entrance to the room is through a 129cm thick air tight blast door, above which are three valves, connected to a 6000 liter tank filled with saltwater, which can be used to flood the room. On the east wall is a 2x4m, layered, 60cm thick security glass, beyond which lies the observation room, which is being used both for testing and observing of SCP-3940's abilities and properties, and for constant surveilance when not in testing. The presence of research staff and a security team is mandatory at all times in the observation room.
SCP-3940 itself is stored within SCP-3940-1, a 1 meter wide, 65cm tall and deep chest made of pure white gold, decorated by ornaments and depictions of some sort of deity, the stylization of which seems to resemble a mix of pre-Jomon period Japanese and early Assyrian culture.
SCP-3940-1, or as some of the staff came to call it, "The Box", is at all times to be mounted onto V35-TABAD, a special robotic arm mounted to the wall opposite of the door, able to either be controlled remotely or act on its own thanks to a very basic AI, fitted with video and audio recording devices, multitude of chemical and biosensors, as well as multiple "fingers" which can open and close SCP-3940-1 when desired. Water resistant CCTVs equiped with night and heat vision are installed in the room in every corner, both on the ceiling and on the floor.

SCP-3940 is to be stored at all times within SCP-3940-1. It is under no circumstances to be released unless in a secure, contained environment when testing SCP-3940's properties, and unless SCP-3940-1 is attached to the V35-TABAD arm, which has been specifically designed to contain SCP-3940 quickly if needed. This is extremely important, as SCP-3940 is always trying to find a way to escape containment, and has proven to be able to slip even through gaps micrometers in width.

If SCP-3940 attempts to escape, the room is to be immediately flooded, and V35-TABAD arm to be manually controlled for capture.

SCP-3940 was first found ███ kilometers off the coast of ██████ in 19██ by a group of treasure hunters led by █████████████. When members of the Foundation arrived, their boat was rocking on the waves, empty. After some investigation, it was revealed that the treasure hunters used diving gear to get 1367 meters deep and enter the wreck of what proved to be the long lost ██████████████████. Surprisingly, after swimming through the flooded ship, a hole in one of the decks was found, leading to a half flooded cargo hold, with a chest made out of white gold in the middle (SCP-3940-1). Littering the room were partialy decomposed corpses of the treasure hunters, including █████████████, still in their diving suits. Their faces were twisted with expressions of deep horror, some of them appearing to have died while attempting to hide their face. Soon after entering the room, Foundation personnel encountered SCP-3940 (see addendum #1 for a transcript of the audio log). Thanks to this encounter, evaluation of the site, eventual SCP-3940's containment, and in time, further testing, the Foundation acquired a rough idea of what SCP-3940 and SCP-3940-1 are.

The chest, or SCP-3940-1, serves as a prison of sorts, a container for SCP-3940 itself. Information about its age or origin is virtualy non-existent, as radioactive dating showed absolutely no signs of decay, and the decoration of the chest suggests a mix of cultures which could have not met in their time. Further examination yielded no useful data, as SCP-3940-1 emmits absolutely no traces of radioactivity, light, heat, sound, doesn't have the ability to create wormholes, or anything else that might explain how is it able to contain SCP-3940.

SCP-3940 is much harder to describe. It appears to be a living entity capable of telepathy and telekinesis. Visually, it appears differently when perceived by humans, and when recorded on video. In latter case, it appears simply as a ever moving dark "cloud". Living beings perceive it a little differently. Most statements agree on a humanoid, very tall and muscular body, hovering above the ground, with very long arms and a tail of sorts instead of legs, and very prominent, ominous, glowing red eyes, with pupils similiar to those of humans.
When it leaves "the Box", it lets out a very loud and long scream, causing feelings of extreme fear in anyone who hears it.

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