Saccharin-Some Old Chemistry Textbook

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 3m3 lead-lined storage locker in Site-11. Its entrance must have a 15 cm thick door locked with 3 combination locks, and the entire door and mechanism must be made out of tungsten. Attempts to damage SCP-XXXX are discouraged. Testing with SCP-3516 must be cleared with Site-11 Director Olson or Level 4 Researcher Essa. Permission to use SCP-3516 by Mobile Task Forces must be cleared by O5 Command.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a chemistry textbook currently 928 pages long, written by 92 authors which include the names of several known Are We Cool Yet? Persons of Interest, Foundation operatives, and D-Class personnel. Every person known to have submitted an entry within SCP-XXXX is listed as an author. The most notable author is ███████ ██████, Which is the only name not found on any other document, and is the first author listed. SCP-XXXX doesn`t claim to have a publisher or copyright, though it is similar to McGowin-Hill Education chemistry textbooks. No pages, other than its index,1 author`s page, and its outside cover are consistent with McGowin-Hill Education chemistry textbooks. All other pages are made of many different types of paper, including A4 printer paper, "loose-leaf" paper, and 3x5 note cards containing inaccurate statements regarding physics and chemistry. Entries in SCP-3516 are both handwritten and typed in English. 453 pages in SCP-XXXX are completely blank.

SCP-XXXX generates a Hume field23 covering a 3375m3 spherical volume. SCP-XXXX-1 can reduce to 2.73 m3 when SCP-XXXX is encased in lead. When a statement relevant to laws of physics or chemistry is submitted into SCP-XXXX, the statement will become a physical law within SCP-XXXX-1. If a statement within SCP-XXXX contradicts another statement, SCP-XXXX will put into effect the statement most recently submitted, or, if one statement is on an open page, SCP-XXXX will choose the statement in the open page. Tungsten is the only known substance to resist SCP-XXXX`s properties and is not affected by any entry within SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to add entries to itself in the event that it may be damaged, in which an entry written in pencil will manifest on an open page4 to negate the threat`s effects or disable it. Ripping pages out of SCP-XXXX does not trigger this ability, and tungsten is unable to harm SCP-XXXX.

When a page is ripped out of SCP-XXXX, all entries within said page will cease to affect SCP-XXXX-1 and a blank sheet of paper will regrow within SCP-XXXX at 103cm/hr, taking a full A4 printer page to regrow within 6 hours. Inserting a sheet of paper will bind the paper to SCP-XXXX`s spine, and the paper`s rips, if there are any, will regrow at 103cm/hr. If a relevant entry is written or typed onto the paper beforehand, SCP-XXXX will immediately put said statement into effect.

SCP-XXXX was recovered on 8/29/2015 after a house raid on █████ ██████████,5 who is a suspected Are We Cool Yet? member. During the raid, Foundation operatives` guns ceased to fire and POI-23940 was able to incapacitate 2 operatives with a knife before escaping via Way. After POI-23940 fled, operatives found SCP-XXXX on a table within the house`s kitchen, open with one entry shown, stating "When sulfur is mixed with carbon, it will raise the required temperature for the combustion of carbon".6 SCP-XXXX was secured and shipped to Site-11 without incident.

Addendum XXXX.01-Test Procedures
Testing with SCP-XXXX must occur within its storage room unless a larger space is absolutely required for the test. Both Site-11 Director Olson and Level 4 Researcher Essa must clear this request before it is followed. Any entries within SCP-XXXX that may interfere with its transportation are to be negated by another entry or expunged from SCP-XXXX and logged within document SCP-XXXX-I.

During testing, any entries that may interfere with its containment, i.e. affecting the properties of lead or the ability of a human to expunge an entry from SCP-XXXX, is forbidden and personnel violating this order will be penalized under the discretion of Site-11 Director Olson. Attempts to harm SCP-XXXX are discouraged and must be followed through by D-Class personnel.

Tests are to be recorded in the following format and logged under document TL-XXXX:

Name(s) of researcher(s): D-Class (if used):

Date (MM/DD/YY): / / Is test within storage locker? ☐Y/☐N

Signature(s) (both required if box above is marked "N"):

Entry submitted:



Additional notes:

Addendum 3516.02-TL-XXXX: Test Logs

Name(s) of researcher(s): Logan Essa D-Class (if used): N/A

Date (MM/DD/YY): 08/30/15 Is test within storage locker? ◼Y/☐N

Signature(s) (both required if box above is marked "N"):

Entry(s) submitted:
"Butane does not burn."

Researcher Essa opened SCP-XXXX to the page containing "When sulfur is mixed with carbon, it will raise the required temperature for the combustion of carbon". The statement was inspected and verified it was false. A pencil eraser was taken out to expunge the statement. Researcher Essa then took out a pen and the above entry was submitted. A lighter was pulled out and he attempted to ignite it.

The statement found in SCP-XXXX was not able to be erased and was discovered to be non-anomalous pen ink after approximately 20 seconds of erasing. The lighter was unable to ignite in the presence of SCP-XXXX after the entry was submitted. Researcher Essa theorizes that his entry prevented the combustion.

Additional notes:
Due to the recent recovery of SCP-XXXX and the lack of knowledge of its properties, it was kept in a standard large storage room at the time of the test. There was no prewritten procedure.

"Now we know that this book can suppress chemical laws. But can it add to them?" -Researcher Essa

Addendum XXXX.03-Incident Report XXXX-A
On 10/14/15 at 0343 hours, SCP-XXXX`s storage locker was breached. At the time, the locker was secured electronically. It malfunctioned and opened automatically, and site technicians were sent to repair it as soon as possible. The technicians reported seeing a man inside the storage locker, despite security cameras not showing anyone except the technicians. MTF υ-11 "Neighborhood Watch", Site-11`s resident task force, was dispatched to investigate. υ-11 reported the so-called "invisible man" holding a revolver, yet it appeared it was jammed or empty. υ-11-05 was able to tackle the man in question and υ-11 sent him to an interrogation room.

When questioned, the man in question didn`t give his name and only stated he was only here to "retrieve something for █████ ██████████". Interrogators were unable to extract any other information from him. After extended interrogation, the man was given Class A amnestics and assigned to D-██████. Post-analysis of the incident discovered D-██████ used a device that resembles a WiFi router to wipe himself from the cameras without completely scrambling them. It has no identifying features and is awaiting SCP classification by O5 Council. His revolver was unremarkable and fully functional. It`s assumed SCP-XXXX prevented the gun from firing. SCP-XXXX`s locker is now secured with combination locks, the codes for them known only to Level 4 Researcher Essa and Site-11 Director Olson.

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