Run- Prelude: Reconnaissance

Basic Information

Title of Run: Prelude: Reconnaissance

Run Type: Investigative, Social Rolls

Run Summary: Psi-7 is invited up to one of MC&D's prestigious outposts, Club Hope. The team is instructed to gather Intel- without adding to their already unfathomable body count.

Predicted Difficulty: Hard/Hardcore

Run Description

Psi-7 will be briefed by the standard generic NPC, mission is as follows-

Marshall, Carter and Dark's newest club outpost, Club Hope, has sent out a formal invitation to its upcoming Hangman's Gala to us, the reasons why remain unknown at this moment. As of the recent influx in anomalous activity however, we cannot ignore Marshall, Carter and Dark. The (2-3) of you will attend the gala, however you decide is the best way to gather Intel is up to you. Look and act the part- but lethal force of any kind is only permitted in the event your life is in danger. However, you can have your pistols visible. Everyone in the club is armed. At the end of the Gala at approximately 2 Am, you will meet at the rendezvous point for retrieval. If needed retrieval can be radioed to arrive early. Whatever you do, do not let it slip that you are Foundation. We don't know why they invited us- be prepared in the event of the worst. It's nothing you can't handle.

Agents may be granted gear upon request. Requests for weaponry will be denied due to the nature of the mission. All agents must dress the part of MC&D clientele, and will be provided with the genuine Gala invites for entry.

Note: Objects such as Medical kits, Large weaponry, handcuffs, and other conspicuous items are not permitted. Armor Chaining in coats, alongside stealth items are permitted, so long as they can be hidden until use.

The Gala

Players are by no means required to be involved in Gala events, and are free to explore the Club as desired. Certain rooms however may be to occupied to investigate varying on the current activity. The Gala runs from 7pm-2am. Events as followed:

Check in Silent Auction Dinner Bi-Yearly Overview Masquerade Social Mixer Nightly Club
7pm-7:30pm 7:45pm-8:30pm 8:45pm-9:45pm 10pm-11:30pm 11:30pm-1am 1:15am-2am 2am-6am
  • Check in- Main Foyer: Bidding Numbers/Paddles and Raffle Tickets are handed out at the door to those holding an invitation. Tickets will be handed out to order dinner for later on in the night. Those without will be declined entrance. During check-in, the Main Foyer will be unavailable to be investigated. Most actions performed during Check In will be noticed. All NPCs may been encountered during this event.
  • Silent Auction- Auditorium: Bidding for exclusive catalog items commences. Auction Chair Layla Winston(NPC) will begin auctioning from the given list. Players will be unable to access the Auditorium during this time. Conversing with the unnamed NPC at the door will reveal no anomalous artifacts are on auction.
  • Dinner- Dining Hall: All Gala attendants will be invited to the dining hall for a company dinner. All attendants will be provided a drink menu to order off of, alongside a dinner menu. Anomalous menu items are marked, however effected are not specified in detail on menus. Anomalous drinks are denoted with a *.
  • Bi-Yearly Overview- Auditorium: Associates of MC&D will be called in to the Auditorium alongside associates of major investors, Psi-7 may attempt to sneak in to the event, a Snk DC 6 is required, as Psi-7 will not be ushered in at the same time as other guests.
  • Masquerade- Ballroom: Formal Dance held in the Ballroom, Open bar included. All NPCs save for Elizabeth Diane may be encountered. The Ballroom will be crowded at this time, and unable to be investigated.
  • Social Mixer- Ballroom: Following the Masquerade, Lights will go up and food will be set out for the social mixer. Lady Diane may not be encountered in the ballroom once the lights go up. The Ballroom will continue to be overly crowded at this time.


  • In the Auditorium:
    • Backstage
      • Documents Detailing: Recent Object Acquisitions, Recent deals with Wondertainment, Guest Speakers
    • On-stage:
      • Document: A Guest Speakers typed speech detailing important members of Club Hope
  • In the Offices:
      • Office 704: A Letter by Elizabeth Diane detailing the use of artifact "Memory Estranged", a ring which blanks the wearers memories until it is removed.
      • Office 804: Several small gift boxes containing "Memory Estranged" noted as being for the visiting Foundation members.

Outcome: Psi-7 will return to Site-77 for debriefing, turning in all gathered anomalous objects alongside information documented.

  • If Psi-7 is not discovered: The generic outcome will occur, the debreifer will not tell Psi-7 if they have collected all required Intel or not.
  • If Psi-7 is discovered: If discovered, Elizabeth Diana will have Psi-7 escorted to the offices, where each PC will be given the artifact Memory Estranged, before being escorted out. PC's will not have the option to put the artifacts on before they are escorted out. PC's who opt to put the ring on at any point must beat a Mdef DC 6 to combat its anomolous effects.
  • If combat occurs: There is a high chance of a TPK as MC&D clientele will flee while guards advance on the threat. It's better just to not go guns-blazing. 6 guards will engage Psi-7, MC&D guards are statted below. If Psi-7 can get away from the guards and radio for assistance, the run will end and the generic outcome will occur- alongside a minor tangent as the briefer demands to know how and why combat occured.



  • Dr. Vanblit: Brunet man with tired eyes in his late 30's. Briefs the Players on the mission objective.
  • Aubrey M. Aldrich: Assistant to Dr. Vilhelm. Hands out required papers and answers Players questions.
  • Daniel Kinley: Radio contact
  • Vincent Lauos: Assistant in-Field

At the Gala(Non-Combative)

  • Ebele Diane/Lady Diane: Daughter of Elizabeth Diane, Wanders around Club Hope- If approached will gladly show Psi-7 around- Native and loose lipped. Anything spoken to her will be relayed to her mother. Children can't well keep secrets. Affectionately referred to as Lady Diane by club regulars.
  • Dr. Polowshi: GOC turncoat, mute.
  • Elizabeth Diane: Gala chair and Manager of Club Hope. Mother of Ebele and Natasha.
  • General Associate: General MC&D club member.
  • Mr. Baxterley: MC&D Containment Oversight.

At the Gala(Combative)

At Dinner/The Bar

Drinking Mechanic:
In the event PCs forget they are at Club Hope to gather Intel- they can get drunk. For simplicity sake, we'll be using PDef to measure how many drinks a PC can have before they get drunk.

Pdef=1-2 Pdef=3-4 Pdef=5-6
2 Drinks 3 Drinks 4 Drinks

Characters who become intoxicated take -1 to Mdef, and Agi, and have their Perc, Melee and Ranged halved and rounded up.