Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Fcuk idk screw this for now

Description: SCP-0000 is a phenomenon occurring in apartments located in Southeast Asia.

Prior to SCP-0000 occurring, any occupants of the apartments about to be affected by SCP-0000 will not be home for the entire duration of SCP-0000. It is unknown whether this is an effect of SCP-0000, or a criteria for SCP-0000 to occur.

When SCP-0000 occurs, affected apartments will undergo at least one drastic change in its internal environment or climate. This change can range from the temperature of the apartment dropping to approximately -60°C, to the interior of the apartment taking on the surroundings of a vast field. In some instances, exterior dimensions of the apartment will not correspond with it's interior dimensions. The external surroundings of the apartment will not be affected by SCP-0000. This change can only be viewed or interacted with from/through the front door of the apartment.

While SCP-0000 is active, exterior walls of the apartment will be effectively indestructible. Rooms visible through windows from outside the building will appear to be physically unchanged, apart from being dimly lit by a luminescent blue light source. The apartment affected will be inaccessible from any entrance apart from the front door for the duration of SCP-0000.

The duration of SCP-0000 typically lasts between 2 to 4 hours. Any personnel left in the apartment while SCP-0000 is ending will experience a brief lack of consciousness, before reawakening in the living room, or second biggest equivalent of the apartment. Personnel viewing SCP-0000 from the front door will temporarily lose their sight, before quickly regaining it once SCP-0000 finishes concluding.

SCP-0000 can occur in multiple apartments of the same block. SCP-0000 has shown to occur in apartments of one block at a time, and will not occur in other blocks until all instances of SCP-0000 in the block have ended. As of ██/██/████, the highest number of SCP-0000 instances manifesting in a single apartment was recorded at 18. Below is a short list of some instances of SCP-0000.

Instance # Description
17 Instance showed the appropriate environment and climate for a jungle, located in ██████. Instance contained the appropriate amount of wildlife, including plants and animals. Samples of plants and animals that were taken out of the apartment expired immediately, and collapsed into what was later confirmed to be dust. Personnel that exited this instance were covered in patches of dust, hypothesized to previously be traces of bacterial life. Instance concluded without further incident.
38 The temperature of the apartment was lowered to approximately -200°c. No other physical changes were observed. Agent ████, who entered this instance of SCP-0000 prior to knowledge of it's effects, walked approximately 5 feet into the apartment, before collapsing, presumably due to the extreme temperature. Agent ████'s body was recovered within 3 minutes. Despite being alive, he displayed signs of severe hypothermia and was quickly brought to hospital. No other attempts to enter this instance if SCP-0000 was made. Instance concluded without further incident. Agent ████ made a full recovery 3 days later.