SCP-3842 in South ███████ before containment

Item #: SCP-3842

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Dr ██████, SCP-3842's main supervisor has made it clear that when entering SCP-3842's containment facility you must be a female authorized personnel.

Men are strictly FORBIDDEN to entering the containment , any male attempting to enter the containment will immediately be removed from the facility.

Studies show that SCP-3842 has no known interest in consuming foods and beverages from the known Food Groups, instead SCP-3842 has shown a consistent interest and hunger towards minerals such as Topaz and Quartz. Dr ██████ advises that 50 grams of Topaz and Quartz will be able to feed SCP-3842 for exactly 7 days and it advised to feed them once a week.

Description: Moved to site on May 9th ████ First discovered South ███████ , It has taken the appearance of a small female child with no visible eye sockets it's height is approximately 54cms, due to SCP-3842 unable to see, it detects and senses people by using its smell scenes. Due to this it has only is familiar towards the scent of biological females, any unfamiliar scents will cause it to grow aggressive and attack using its teeth to pierce its victims throat and suffocate them to death.

It shows visual signs of acting and mimicking a small child, skipping around and singing and scribbling over it's wall with markers and crayons. despite being blind SCP-3842 is able to accurately draw the supervisors with detail, there has been no studies confirming that these drawings meant anything.

Personal reports from Dr ██████ shows that overtime they have seen personnel being overwhelmed with attachment towards SCP-3842, Evidence shows that overtime SCP-3842 learns to mimic and behave like the personnel's loved ones.

SCP-3842 has no known records of harming or trying to escape containment, till the present date it has not shown interest in escaping, It has only shown visual signs of affections towards Dr ██████ and the other personnel observing and studying it.