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GoI format Alexylva - Dossier on groups of interest by geography

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On The Various Factions And Their Geography

By Polybus Maximus


This thesis seeks to prove the point that it is possible to discern the behaviors, ideology and general beliefs of many individual members of larger group, by looking at the geographic distribution of their membership.

The groups inhabiting the space of the extra-natural are numerous and varied. Some are made of men, building institutions and great structures in the pursuit of understanding and controlling that which is impossible to comprehend or limit. There are artists, provocateurs, and those who exist within the supernatural spaces and look to interact with and shape the world of natural sciences. All of them are made of enormously diverse casts of actors with every imaginable specimen of life playing their part within them.

However incongruous their constituent parts may be, each group has their own distinct behaviors and goals. Some of these are

Factions, Geography, and Why They Are The Way They Are

Faction Geography Behavior, Why Notes
SCP Foundation Primarily Underground They are like moles, or beavers, hoarding everything they can find. Whatever they need, they have with them underground without having to engage with the surface. This also leads to a lack of empathy with the outside world, as they provide them nothing and are not needed for their continued function, at least from the perspective of the individual. Some of those field agents working on the surface can be seen to have a wholly different perspective, although they are not numerous enough to be considered a subsection of the overall Faction. Their activities are entirely directed by those dwelling in underground lairs.
Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. United Kingdom, centered in London Arrogant and self-confident… Those bums also steal
Are We Cool Yet?
Herman Fullers Circus of the Disquieting

This thesis has been rejected by the academic board. Although your reasoning is not invalid when looked at alone, the premise is so preposterous and your conclusions so broad that it renders any knowledge to be gained useless. Suggested revisions and other changes have been sent by raven to your student box.

Someone has been reading too much Montesquieu