Sandtalls first scp

Scp 1992 will be referred to as 92 in this document

Class: Euclid
92 is to be kept in the far corner a 24x24 steel chamber with no more then one door. Experiments must be approved by Dr. Neal. Only d-class personal are aloud to have phical contact with 92. Any entitles recovered form 92 (scp-1992-1) is to be considered keter on till a level 5 approves class change.

Dicrption: 92 appears to be a blue full-length school locker. Macufatiring id states that the locker was made in 1992 in Brittan using 50% recycled matral. The locker number is 199 and can be opened with combo 99-99-99. Abnormal property’s manifest when 92 is “unlocked” with the following procder.
1. A living animal (key) is placed in side 92
2. 92 then must be closed for nolonger then one hour
When 92 is reopened it is a gate to another universe. The key cannot be recovered as well as any matter that goes in to 92 in its unlocked state.

when a didfrent lifeform is used to unlokck 92 a diffent universe can be accessed
Seval entities have be recover form 92. (See addendum 1992-90)

Addendum 1992-90

Description Class Living/dead Containment Notes
Half human half horse safe dead In cold storage unit B Human half is not human
Two small fluffy life forms no head or eyes Euclid liveing Kept in separate animal containment cells. If fed will reprocesses. Fasting has no effect
dragon Pending dead Keep in high security cold storage unit level 5 access only
dragon egg Euclid(change to keter pending) Hatched still living as of -- Kept in high security Avery 3 level 5 access only
Small dog Euclid (change to safe pending) livening Kept in kennel 2 Displays similar property’s as scp-999
Large chunks of SCP-682 Euclid/keter Dead (we think) Kept in max security cold storage unit level 5 access only