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SCP-XXXX idling in containment.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a chamber 5 m x 5 m x 5 m. All activities of SCP-XXXX are to be recorded for further study and to serve as grounds for experimentation. Due to SCP-XXXX's willingness to cooperate with Foundation staff, the entity is allowed parole through predetermined safe zones throughout the facility, as long as at least one (1) security guard is present for escort. Personnel must file for requests to consult with SCP-XXXX for developing improved containment equipment and new emergency protocols for future SCPs. (see Incident SCP-XXXX-a) Any personnel attempting to provoke SCP-XXXX is to be immediately demoted according to the effectiveness of succeeding the entity's aggravation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a sapient mass of mineral-based fibers forming a basic humanoid structure. Materials found within strand samples include granite, iron, carbon, and ██████. How it maintains a solid structure without collapsing is currently unknown, as no structural support have been observed. However, the combination of materials does cause small vibrations throughout SCP-XXXX's body, creating what subjects have perceived as a "writhing" or "slithering" texture. The strongest area affected by these vibrations are the head, in which case prominent extrusions and creases can appear for varying lengths of time before reforming into a new state. Due to these deformations, SCP-XXXX cannot be properly measured, so estimates have been gathered to record an average height of 2.3 m. Mass is not lost in this process, so it maintains a weight of [REDACTED], which is unusually light for the materials that make up the entity. Preliminary stress tests have also proven SCP-XXXX can withstand more than is physically possible of materials contained withing fibers, preserving much of its same structure when ███ metric tons of pressure were applied to the entity. Similar results have been produced from other stress tests, including pulling, free-fall, and [REDACTED].

When given standard Foundation intelligence tests, SCP-XXXX displayed an overall IQ of 132, excelling in questions related to pattern recognition and problem solving. Observations of SCP-XXXX's abilities have also reflected prominent concentration and precision. SCP-XXXX is observant and compliant while interacting with subjects and staff, capable of recognizing body cues and gestures. Although unable to speak, SCP-XXXX has been trained to communicate with others through Morse code via tapping and detecting vibrations through suitable objects. SCP-XXXX is deemed polite in conversation, and willfully answers questions asked during interviews to the best of its cognitive ability. SCP-XXXX has expressed no desire to be identified as anything other than SCP-XXXX in multiple instances, due to repeated events of being designated additional names by D-class personnel.

In the event of the entity's feet connecting to a natural solid surface, SCP-XXXX displays advanced geo-kinetic manipulation of its environment, affecting an estimated area of ████ m in diameter. The entity manifests its abilities through extracting slim strands of material from any rock formation within perimeters, identical in structure to fibers that compose SCP-XXXX, and processing them into desired shapes and structures, ranging from simple objects such as cubes and spheres, to intricately complex scale models, from prototypes of many categories of technology, to intricately detailed sculptures in various artistic styles. Currently, SCP-XXXX has produced a total of ████ unique items.

Under normal circumstances, SCP-XXXX recreates items it has observed both prior to containment and since receiving SCP status. In events where SCP-XXXX feels threatened or wronged, the entity's anger is reflected in the types and quality of objects manifested. Properties of created objects include significant unevenness throughout object, clearly reduced quality, and generally more hostile technology, mostly consisting of semi-complex weaponry. If harassment is continually occurring during this stage, SCP-XXXX [DATA EXPUNGED]. When stablized, SCP-XXXX will not recall events related to resulting behavior. When given a report of its actions, SCP-XXXX shows signs of great remorse, and will focus its abilities on undoing as much damage done as it had caused, with a ██% chance of success.

Incident XXXX-a:

First recorded observation of a situation in which SCP-XXXX reacting to prolonged duration of stress. SCP-XXXX was scheduled for surgery on ██-█-196█ to recover structures to search for a possible source. When notified of examination three (3) days prior, SCP-XXXX displayed signs of fear, which quickly led to an immediate request of cancelling the event. Request promptly denied. SCP-XXXX remained in containment during its probational hours, and showed increased signs of depression the day before surgery was scheduled. On the date of its examination, SCP-XXXX briefly attempted escape from containment. Guards easily prevented escape, and promptly restrained SCP-XXXX in [REDACTED] to prevent further evasions.

██:██ - SCP-XXXX arrives and positioned face-up on operating table. Subject shows signs of distress.

██:██ - Incision using high-pressure waterjet made at base of "collars" of SCP-XXXX. Subject jolts from sudden application of water.

██:██ - Waterjet maneuvered to 1/3 completion of seams. Begins resisting.

██:██ - Waterjet reaches halfway mark. Starts forming [REDACTED].

██:██ - SCP-XXXX exerts [REDACTED], severely injures waterjet operator.

██:██ - SCP-XXXX escapes operating room, begins inducing [REDACTED]


SCP-XXXX's class was immediately revised to Keter during the end phase of its breach. Following its [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-XXXX fell unconscious due to exhaustion. Quickly transferred to Site-█ for quarantine and isolation from all power-amplifying SCPs contained in damaged site. When SCP-XXXX regained consciousness, it was informed of its involvement with its destruction. SCP-XXXX's bodily posture during its briefing indicated it was appalled by its actions, and proceeded to articulating its properties when under stressful conditions. [DATA EXPUNGED] confirm SCP-XXXX's explanation, and quickly agreed to reassembling the damage caused to Site-██. Damages took █ days to restore to working conditions, and SCP-XXXX was reclassified to Euclid due to willingness to aid Foundation staff in reconstruction.