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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the current state of SCP-XXX, it along with all other objects within Site-XX are to be considered to be terminated. Following the conclusion of Incident XXX-1, SCP-XXX is to be recovered for the original containment procedures below are to be reinstated.

Description: SCP-XXX is a pair of two black and white 6-sided dice. When rolled within any indoor environment with at least 2 sentient beings, SCP-XXX’s effect manifest and create a XXX-Lockdown Scenario. Though testing, it has been determined that if there is any movement of SCP-XXX that changes the top facing sides or if SCP-XXX is dropped a XXX-Lockdown Scenario will trigger. Also, should SCP-XXX’s container be accidentally toppled or dropped, even if SCP-XXX is unable to move inside, the criteria for a XXX-Lockdown Scenario will still be met. The only method of condiment that has proven to be 100% effective is for SCP-XXX to be placed securely within a spherical container. While firmly placed within a spherical container, SCP-XXX is in a suspended state of being rolled and therefor is unable to trigger a XXX-Lockdown Scenario.

XXX-Lockdown Scenario: When the proper conditions are met, SCP-XXX will trigger a XXX-Lockdown Scenario. During a XXX-Lockdown Scenario, the floor of the entire structure will become covered in squares to resemble the spaces in the board game Monopoly. These squares range from 1x1ft to 5x5ft in size and crate a path throughout the whole building. In addition, the floor plan of the building will alter itself to make room for the path. Examples of these alterations include; unlocking doors, creating additional doorways or staircases, increasing or decreasing the size of rooms, and rearranging furniture. Depending on the size of the building, the pathway may contain branching paths and loops. At the moment, there is no known limit to SCP-XXX’s ability to alter the interior of a building to suit its needs. All attempts to enter or damage a building in which a XXX-Lockdown Scenario is taking place has been met with failure, and the only known method or observation is through surveillance equipment that must be in place before the XXX-Lockdown Scenario begins. No known method of communicating with instances of SCP-XXX-1 mid lockdown are known.

Once a XXX-Lockdown Scenario has begun, all sentient beings within the structure, now classified as SCP-XXX-1, will find themselves on a space and $500 in Monopoly money. Instances of SCP-XXX-1 are unable to leave the square they find themselves on, fall asleep or unconscious, interact with one another beyond vocal communication, nor interact with their environment. While it is impossible for any instance of SCP-XXX-1 to be harmed by its environment or other SCP-XXX-1, it is still possible to die from dehydration, starvation, and suicide through object an instance of SCP-XXX-1 had on hand before the XXX-Lockdown Scenario. All sentient beings that are sleeping, unconscious or otherwise unable to participate in a XXX-Lockdown Scenario will be teleporting outside of the structure in a comatose state and be classified as SCP-XXX-2. Instances of SCP-XXX-2 will remain in a comatose state until the XXX-Lockdown Scenario reaches a conclusion or death occurs.

The instance of SCP-XXX-1 that triggered the lockdown,4 shall find SCP-XXX in its hands and proceed to roll SCP-XXX by letting them fall to the ground. Afterwards, the instance of SCP-XXX-1 will move along the path an amount of spaces equal to the number rolled. SCP-XXX will then teleport to another instance of SCP-XXX-1 and repeat the process cycling through every instance of SCP-XXX-1. As each SCP-XXX-1 moves along the path, they will find themselves playing a gigantic game of Monopoly. Cards and Monopoly money will manifest and disappear as needed and will dematerialize at the conclusion of the XXX-Lockdown Scenario.

When an instance of SCP-XXX-1 has lost all of its money, it will be teleported outside of the building and become another SCP-XXX-2. The lockdown will continue until there is only one living instance of SCP-XXX-1 remaining within the building. Once this occurs, the final SCP-XXX-1 will be teleported outside with SCP-XXX in one hand. Afterwards, the XXX-Lockdown Scenario will conclude and all alterations to the building used will be reversed.

The Jumanji Protocol: As an alternative to the onsite warhead, it has been deemed acceptable to use SCP-XXX to prevent a mass containment breach of sentient SCP by purposefully trigging a site wide XXX-Lockdown Scenario. In the case of The Jumanji Protocol being used, staff from other sites would be flown in to secure instances of SCP-XXX-2 as they materialize over the hours to days following the XXX-Lockdown Scenario as well as dispose of any deceased from inside Site-XX after the lockdown lifts. While a drain on resources, it has been determined that The Jumanji Protocol would minimize the loss of life and ensure the recovery of all non-sentient SCP.

Incident XXX-1: On 2/5/05, a mass security breech occurred involving SCP-████. Once SCP-███ was one the verge of escaping the facility, Head Security Officer ██████ used SCP-XXX to instate the Jumanji Protocol. Over the following 24 hours, staff from near by sites were flown in to collect SCP-XXX-2 instances as they appeared and monitor the progress of the XXX-Lockdown Scenario through the camera feed. After 48 hours, only 2 instances of SCP-XXX-1 had yet to ether become SCP-XXX-2 or perish. The final 2 players were 2 sentient SCP, SCP-███45 and SCP-███2, both of which were effectively immortal due to them not requiring food, water, or sleep. After another 2 days, SCP-███4 and SCP-███2 ended up close enough to communicate with one another for 15 minutes before SCP-███2 passed SCP-███4 and was no longer in vocal range. During this time, SCP-███4 and SCP-███2 appeared to be arguing with one another. This encounter let to a review of the phycological profiles of SCP-███4 and SCP-███2 in which it was determined that both SCP had every intention of winning the game. Currently, the XXX-Lockdown Scenario is still ongoing and there is no sign of either SCP-███4 or SCP-███2 taking steps to end the game. All instances of SCP-XXX-2 remain comatose and are being cared for at Site-██.