old draft that i found and thought was neat:

Transcript ████-A: Conversation between members of SCP-████-A and unaffected subjects.

=== summercamper1 has joined #novideogameshere.
@glowstickAFK2: Which is why we should ban summercamper immediately.
@glowstickAFK: :|
summercamper: Ha ha ha. So what's up?
summercamper got a horse.
DaVinci3: OY
@glowstickAFK: a… horse?
JaxAWOLReady: for fuck's sake not this shit again
summercamper: awwww yeeeeeeeah freedom the flesh and coolint
summercamper: * coolant
summercamper: @glowstickAFK: yeah my boyfriend got it for me
summercamper: DaVinci: REMEMBER OF THE 25TH THE 25TH BODIES HELd down
JaxAWOLReady: every fucking day. every. fucking. day.
@glowstickAFK: Could y'all lay off the caps, at least? Cruise control, etc. Also that kicks ass @summercamper
DaVinci: kk, sorry
JaxAWOLReady: like i wouldn't care if there was actually something in the videos or if the memes made any sense
DaVinci: summercamper: lol can she body █████████ with magestfeareum
summercamper: topkek
summercamper: JaxAWOLReady: go cry about the return of unDeath on tumblr
DAEmarx: brb buying skyrim
DaVinci: saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload saviOUR BECOME █████████ reload
JaxAWOLReady: jfc marx get a better connection
DaVinci: so yeah basically fear and wrath
=== DAEmarx has left irc.███████.com (quit: How can the sheeple tell when they're deafened by a bell?)
REDIRECT: glowstick can you tell davinci to stop spamming
summercamper: not a COD clone not a sociopa7h, a propher
summercamper: * prophet, sorry
DaVinci: AIN'T NO GRAVE, ain't np grave, SHE is in the middle of the air
summercamper: @glowstickAFK: my family owned horses as a kid so this is basically my favorite thing ever
summercamper: ngl I cried a bit
@glowstickAFK: DaVinci, spam warning. Calm the fuck down. summercamper, that is cool as fuck.
JaxAWOLReady: glowstick get summercamper's dick out of your mouth and do your job for once
DaVinci: yeah, yeah
JaxAWOLReady: every goddamn day summercamper and davinci spam nonsense and you do nothing
JaxAWOLReady: remind me why you're still an op?
=== JaxAWOLReady was kicked by @glowstickAFK (Take it to PMs)
summercamper: DaVinci: lol, may 25 2016 more like the present present day prove me wrong along
REDIRECT: thx @@ glowstickAFK
REDIRECT: whoops timing
summercamper: what a maroon
summercamper: what an ignoranimus for █████████ █████████ returning reincarnation into class and wealth
DaVinci: at least a ghost drone
@glowstickAFK: But seriously, WTF are you two even talking about. Jax is garbage but she has a point
=== JaxAWOLReady has joined #novideogameshere.
JaxAWOLReady: :P
DaVinci: glowstickAFK: basically wer'e returning to the crucifix CPU state of the enlightened race with the R@ANG. idk what you're talking about
summercamper: Okay, for one that's a terrible example.
summercamper: davinci let me handle this one
DaVinci: kk
summercamper: glowstickAFK: there /is/ her crucified on CPU 25th the CPU is May 25th 2016, there was never a grave. Resurrection 2: Ain't No Grave is from the Magestfeareum (they're p. good about avoiding valve time) and like davinci said, just a ghost drone.
summercamper: YOu saw the blood on the Hallowed Ground at Jerusalem, right?
summercamper: * You
JaxAWOLReady: are you FUCKING kidding me
@glowstickAFK: summer, stop fucking around. I'm like 80% sure you're trolling (7/10 movement has been detected in my jimmies) at this point.
@glowstickAFK: We banned Karlos for a lot less, and I really don't want to have to ban my bff
@glowstickAFK: ya dig?
DaVinci: Wow.
DaVinci starts goose-stepping HER THE BODY.
DaVinci: Heil glowstick, I guess
=== Mode #novideogameshere +o REDIRECT by @glowstickAFK
@glowstickAFK: wanna get this one, redirect?
summercamper: davinci you poor dumb fuck
DaVinci: I regret nothing, in the next life DLC will RETURN FREEDOM REMEMBER THE 25TH THE 25TH MAY 25TH
summercamper: god dammit
=== Mode #novideogameshere +b *!*@saviOUR.I.CUM.█████████.reload by REDIRECT
summercamper: R2ANG is for life the glory on the third day FREEDOM but redirect is like right there
summercamper: may 25th, aight
=== DaVinci was kicked by REDIRECT (I'm disappointed in you.)
=== Mode #novideogameshere -o REDIRECT by @glowstickAFK
JaxAWOLReady: Hahaha omg
JaxAWOLReady: this is the high point of my day
summercamper sighs.
JaxAWOLReady: it's all downhill from here
@glowstickAFK: SO THAT JUST HAPPENED, now where was I
=== DAEmarx has joined #novideogameshere
@glowstickAFK: right, the Resurrection stuff
REDIRECT: o hai marx <3
summercamper: hey DAEmarx. @glowstickAFK: okay, fair enough. Although, I guess it's kind of a moot point now, davinci was the only release date maven with three graves and a be-not-afraid meteor shower
JaxAWOLReady: daemarx: davinci got his ass banned, CALLOOH CALLAY
summercamper: He'll resurrect at some point.
@glowstickAFK: I'm actually curious though.
summercamper: Okay, hm. I guess in literalation, w'ere all free of death and permanence, through HER and maybe some Hallowed Ground
summercamper: also █████████, but you already knew that
summercamper: * we're
JaxAWOLReady: ಠ_ಠ
summercamper: and Magestfeareum, you beleive in majesty, right? Marvelous shit to get your euphoria watering. They're the backbone of every resurrection, including ones from Ain't No Grave.
REDIRECT: iunderstoodthatreference.gif, but ididnotunderstandanythingelse.jpg
summercamper: topkek
summercamper: * beleive, I can't into typing today.
@glowstickAFK: … you really ARE trolling, aren't you
summercamper: WTF. Dude. No. Chill.
DAEmarx: summercamper. summercamper.
DAEmarx: Do you even HER BODY █████████ lift off to heaven? No sin, just trumpets and chiptunes
REDIRECT: marx no
summercamper: Glad you're a ResHead now marx but there's been an incident, and her word is on trial for hashtag blasphemy
@glowstickAFK: okay
=== mode #novideogameshere +m set by @glowstickAFK
@glowstickAFK: look, I'm just going to stop this bullshit her
@glowstickAFK: e
@glowstickAFK: New rule. No talking about Resurrection, Ain't No Grave, Magestfeareum, any of that crap. Same goes for all of the weird religious rambling shit, you sound like my uncle.
@glowstickAFK: First offense is 24h ban, second is perma. I'll write it up in the rules later.
@glowstickAFK: Take it to PMs or another channel or whatever.
=== mode #novideogameshere -m set by @glowstickAFK
JaxAWOLReady: w00t
summercamper: Come on, dude. It's on-topic!
JaxAWOLReady: anyways
@glowstickAFK: Maybe if you'd actually answered my questions when I asked them, I wouldn't have to put on my OP hat.
JaxAWOLReady: back on topic
summercamper: Ugh. Whatever. Can we talk about how I got a horse?
DAEMarx: uh, did I miss something? O_o
JaxAWOLReady: the new COD is a piece of shit
REDIRECT: you take that back right now

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