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Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All medical reports and internet traffic should be monitored for signs of SCP-????. (MORE CONTENT)

Description: SCP-???? is a condition wherein a consumer good adheres to a human subject and slowly burrows into their body. These objects, hereby SCP-????-A, have not been observed prior to SCP-???? occurrence, though they possess wear and tear consistent with moderate to heavy usage. Affected subjects will not recall the circumstances of SCP-????-A's appearance.

SCP-????-A will travel at a rate of 1-3cm per hour in the direction of the lungs, only ceasing motion when it completely prevents the subject from breathing. Tissues, including bones, will be displaced to SCP-????-A's side as it travels, adhering tightly to its surface via an unidentified adhesive. This prevents both external and internal blood loss; however, disruption of organ function in the process has a high chance of killing the subject even prior to SCP-????-A's arrival at the lungs. Subjects describe the process as painless.

Removal of SCP-????-A cannot be performed by pulling it out by hand, as the force necessary to do so would cause massive damage to the surrounding tissue. While SCP-????-A exhibit normal levels of durability, any pieces left inside a subject will continue to progress towards the lungs; thus, full removal is the only method of preventing the subject's death. Current best practices recommend surgically removing the object and a full 1.5cm of the tissue surrounding it, as this is the depth to which SCP-????-A's adhesive typically penetrates.

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