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Item #: SCP-3269

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Two protocols for the handling of subjects exposed to SCP-3269 are permissible:

  1. Artificial fortification of the subject's memories of SCP-3269, followed by the provision of appropriate incentives or conditioning for the maintenance of secrecy.
  2. Termination.

Individuals who have been exposed to SCP-3269 should not be assigned an amnestic regimen that could potentially remove their memories of SCP-3269, except for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-3269 is a bright orange plant of variable size, consisting primarily of radially-arranged vines coated in luminescent seedpods about 7cm in diameter. SCP-3269 diverges dramatically from typical plant biology — rather than engage in photosynthesis, SCP-3269 is adapted to use thermal energy to process the consumption of living animal tissues. Presumably as a result of this adaptation, SCP-3269 does not possess roots, leaves, or other structures that typically aid plants in photosynthesis.

SCP-3269 is capable of enduring temperatures of 900°C on a consistent basis in all life stages; the source of this heat resistance is unclear.

SCP-3269's life cycle is dominated by the Seed Stage, wherein SCP-3269 seeds (which average 0.3mm in diameter) are inhaled by a human en masse, traversing into the bloodstream through the lungs and mechanically penetrating the blood-brain barrier. The seeds will extend microscopic filaments of uncertain nature up to 9cm in any direction, then fall dormant. SCP-3269's seeds can remain dormant in the human brain indefinitely, with the longest recorded dormancy exceeding 65 years. The Seed Stage is only known to end when the subject's

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