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Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All reports of phenomena consistent with SCP-???? must be investigated promptly. Special attention should be paid to communities and content creators focused on "popping" or similar activities.

All subjects affected by SCP-???? are to be kept in medically-induced comas in Type 3 Interaction-Exclusive Humanoid Containment Cells for two months prior to amnesticization and release. Equipment should be checked daily for SCP-???? manifestation and replaced as necessary. Under no circumstances should non-D-Class personnel enter within 2 meters of a subject affected by SCP-????.

Objects altered by SCP-???? should be incinerated or otherwise conclusively disposed of, unless they serve some essential function, in which case care should be taken not to rupture them until a replacement can be procured.

All known instances of SCP-????-1 are kept in Video Archive K81. Any instances located outside of containment should be copied to this archive before removal.

Description: SCP-???? is a phenomenon that alters objects in the vicinity (within 2 meters) of affected human subjects. SCP-???? is induced when a subject watches three or more instances of SCP-????-1, which are various videos depicting the excision or popping of comedones (clogged skin follicles), cysts, or other skin protrusions. Most subjects that contract SCP-???? naturally are self-described fans of content of this nature, and typically derive some degree of enjoyment from "popping" in reality.

SCP-????'s primary effect is the replacement of a solid object's interior, in part or in whole, with a viscous liquid or semi-solid roughly similar to the object in coloration and composition. This increases the interior pressure of the object considerably, resulting in the new material creating easily-ruptured bulges in areas where the "surface layer" is thinner. The object's functionality is not impaired until one of these bulges is ruptured, after which the object functions as expected.

The rate at which SCP-???? manifests varies from subject to subject, and is suspected to correlate positively with the degree of sexual pleasure derived from popping and popping-related activities. Deliberately popping altered objects increases the average amount of affected material over time. Conversely, complete abstention from interaction with SCP-????-altered objects for two months has been shown to prevent future SCP-???? manifestations; however, most affected subjects will be unable to resist rupturing SCP-????-altered objects.

At time of writing, 871 instances of SCP-????-1 have been identified, most originating from private individuals with no awareness of their properties. New instances are discovered at a rate of 40-90 per year; in no case has the same individual produced more than one instance of SCP-????-1. No method of distinguishing SCP-????-1 from thematically similar video content has been identified, though subjects tend to describe SCP-????-1 as significantly more "satisfying" than non-anomalous popping videos.

Test Log ????-17

Purpose: To gather qualitative observations of SCP-???? in a controlled environment with a subject engaging in self-directed behavior.

Procedure: D-6511 was selected as a test subject from among Site-60's D-class population due to expressing interest in pimple popping in the site's bimonthly D-class survey. D-6511 is a 26-year-old Hispanic male with a history of addictive behavior. After exposure to SCP-????-1-018, -057, and -604, D-6511 was housed in a simulated one-room apartment for two weeks. No special instructions were given to the subject beyond reporting any unusual events that occurred. The subject was monitored via several cameras and could speak to experimenters via a dedicated phone line.

Summary of Results: