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An implement used in SCP-????.

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-???? is a ritual that causes sapient entities with a physical form to become capable of intentionally manipulating that form. Entities that already possess this ability, such as humans, will remain unaffected — anomalous effects are most pronounced in entities with inanimate bodies, or ones that are "bound" to inanimate objects.

SCP-????'s method of operation is not fully understood, but adherence to its guidelines reliably produces the stated effect. The ritual is performed by surrounding a healthy, conscious human being with seven identical metal sculptures (see file photo) and having the subject recite a series of phrases from the as-of-yet untranslated █████████ language while a current of at least 3 Amperes runs through their body.1 Following this, within thirty seconds, anomalous changes can be observed in objects within the same room as SCP-????.

The exact changes that occur to affected entities vary widely. [DETAILS]