Subject 695 woke up. He did not remember anything about his previous life, not even his name. The Class-A amnesiacs had done their job.

He found himself in an empty white room. There was no visible light source, and yet the walls, floor, and ceiling were completely white. It had an almost blinding effect. There were no doors, windows, or openings of any kind. It was more of a box than a room.

His head was flooded with questions. How did he get here? Did he choose to come here, or was he forced? Why does this room have no openings? Is there any way to leave?

Subject 695 was unsure of what to do. So he waited. What he waited for, he did not know. He waited for a voice to tell him what to do, or a door to appear in the wall. He waited for something, anything, to happen.

But nothing happened. So he kept waiting.

Days and days he waited. Three times each day, a white bowl of white rice would appear in the corner of the room, with a white mug of white milk next to it. When he finished his meal, the empty bowl and cup would vanish without a trace.

Whenever Subject 695 needed to relieve himself, he would simply do it on the floor. He had no other choice. The waste would vanish the moment it left his body. This always disappointed him. Even the slightest glimpse of yellow or brown would provide a great relief from the horrid whiteness.

As time passed, the room took on the appearance of a white void. One day, Subject 695 could not stand the whiteness any longer. He pulled off a hangnail on his thumb. Beautiful red liquid flowed out. He smeared it all along the walls, forming lines and curves of red.

Without warning, a man came into the room. He seemingly walked right through the wall, and threw Subject 695 to the ground.

"There is no place for color in Utopia," said the man in a monotonous voice. "According to protocol, you must be terminated."

Dr. Sylvan leaned back in his chair. The Utopia Experiment was turning out better than he had expected. The hardest part was getting it approved in the first place. O5 had initially denied the experiment, and it would have been scrapped if Dr. Gears hadn't come in at the last minute to grant him permission. Of course, if Gears knew the full details of the experiment, he probably would have denied it as well.