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Example of barbed wire produced by SCP-XXXX. Photo taken at site of discovery.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a concrete-lined humanoid containment cell. No metallic objects containing iron are permitted inside the containment area without being blocked from SCP-XXXX's access. Any objects placed in the cell with SCP-XXXX are to be crafted from non-metallic materials, and are not to have any sharp edges. Should SCP-XXXX be observed with any sharp object or any object that could potentially be sharpened, it is to be immediately relieved of the object.

All personnel coming into contact with SCP-XXXX must be equipped with small wire cutters, puncture-resistant industrial gloves, and eye protection. If required, SCP-XXXX is to be sedated and trimmed with wire cutters handled by one personnel wearing protective gear, including gloves and face mask. Subject must also be sedated prior to routine physical care, such as hair cutting or medical examination, as these actions are known to trigger aggressive behaviour.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Roma male between ██ and ██ years of age, and approximately 1.6 metres tall. Subject has black hair, brown skin, and is slightly underweight. Its left inner forearm is marked with a [REDACTED]. It possesses below average physical strength and average intelligence.

The surface of SCP-XXXX's skin is crossed in many places with hard vein-like protrusions. Incisions at these veins will reveal that the substance underneath is agricultural barbed wire. Once revealed, the wire will attempt to shift away from the site of the incision, and can be observed rearranging itself underneath SCP-XXXX's skin. This movement does not appear to cause SCP-XXXX any pain, nor does it cause any injuries to SCP-XXXX's skin or musculature. However, the wires have been shown to hinder its bodily functions depending on their placement. They have been observed temporarily blinding SCP-XXXX if they press against its eyes and restricting breathing when pressing against its trachea, as well as interfering with normal joint function.

If SCP-XXXX comes into visual contact with objects made of ferrous metal, it will attempt to consume them. The subject seems to suffer no ill effects from this action. After 12 hours, a rapid growth of new wire can be observed under SCP-XXXX's skin, directly correlating to the amount of metal it had consumed prior. If large amounts of metal are consumed without previous wire growth being purged, the wires will begin to protrude from under SCP-XXXX's skin. The exposed wires will typically remain stationary, but they will move slightly if touched or disturbed. They have been observed wrapping themselves loosely around objects that make direct contact.

Removal of the barbed wire has proven difficult. Wire that has successfully been isolated is only able to be pulled out one metre. After one metre, the wire will stop as if rooted in place, and SCP-XXXX will display considerable signs of pain. Sedation of SCP-XXXX does not loosen the wire. When exposed and pulled away from SCP-XXXX's skin, the wire is able to move slightly as long as it is still connected to SCP-XXXX, and it will attempt to wrap around objects that make direct contact. It ceases movement once detached. Analysis of detached wire displays no unusual properties other than a resistance to rust.

SCP-XXXX speaks and understands Serbo-Croatian, Sinti-Manouche, and English fluently, and has a moderate understanding of German and Polish. It is known to be uncooperative with Foundation staff, though rarely outright hostile. It is prone to extreme anxiety and hostile behaviour when confronted with medical equipment, requiring prior sedation for safety of personnel. SCP-XXXX also displays symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and will often attempt to refuse food and neglect self-care.

SCP-XXXX claims to have no knowledge about how it gained its anomalous properties, but its memory seems otherwise consistent. SCP-XXXX told researchers that it was born close to ████ ███, Yugoslavia (modern-day Serbia). Searches of the name given in the area of its recovery and its apparent place of birth turned up no records of people of its description, though it is unknown if this is an anomalous effect or as a result of poor record keeping. It does not appear to have aged at all during its time at the Foundation, and its reported year of birth suggests that it is at least ██ years older than it appears.

Addendum XXXX-A: Circumstances of Retrieval: SCP-XXXX was recovered in the area surrounding ████████, Poland, on ██/██/19██. Local authorities responding to reports of illegal dumping of materials discovered an enormous mass of wire (SCP-XXXX in an untrimmed state). Attempts to dispose of the wire resulted in minor injuries to the officers as it began to move on its own. Operatives in the area alerted the Foundation shortly after, and a task force was dispatched to the site.

After a thorough investigation agents were able to trim it back with common wire cutters while wearing puncture-resistant gloves without incident. When uncovered, SCP-XXXX was discovered to be unconscious and in an emaciated state. Its clothing, though highly damaged from the wire, was later identified as a prison uniform patched with a █████ ████████. The patch was found to be consistent with uniforms from the [REDACTED], the former site of which is ██ km from SCP-XXXX's place of retrieval.

SCP-XXXX's metal-consuming behaviour was discovered when it had been delivered to Site-██. Upon opening the transport, it had regained consciousness and consumed the steel cuffs used to restrain it. When questioned, SCP-XXXX refused to respond. SCP-XXXX's condition upon arriving at Site-██ was found to be the final stages of starvation. Despite the length of time SCP-XXXX claimed it had been immobile, it had not died. Treatments associated with recovering from starvation proved successful, and it was found that though SCP-XXXX can survive without food, it still requires feeding to retain optimal health.

Addendum XXXX-B: