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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be surrounded by a fleet of automated guard ships that kill everything humanoid within 100 metres of their sensor. The guard ships are to be unmanned and fit with no target identifiers that would cause a cease fire, meaning any humanoids will be shot on detection. Additionally, any electronic craft that do not have an IFF resonating with that of the automated fleet will be destroyed on encounter.

Any online posts regarding this site are to be automatically deleted by custom software developed for the sole use of the foundation.

No foundation personnel are to approach this site. The sites location is not to be
disclosed to anyone at all.


SCP-XXXX is a medium sized island surrounded by the ████████████ Ocean. On the island are large spires filled with various humanoids that have no discernable difference from humans in any way, shape or form.

SCP-XXXX is what would commonly be described as a veritable utopia. The residents of SCP-XXXX have zero need for food, have no crime at all, and have seemingly created infinite energy, or something very close to that effect.

Very few expeditions have been conducted, and all have been done under heavy secrecy. There appear to be no diseases on the island and all its citizens roam with an euphoric bliss.

EDIT 1[7/3/1███]:

Ever since the introduction of the automated defense fleet, the citizens have started to drop out of their euphoric state and have assumed a somewhat panicked state. Their first sign of panic was when one of the craft they sent out to ███████ was destroyed.

Further monitoring will be conducted. In the mean time I suggest we halt the killzone policy.

-Researcher Tannis

EDIT 2 [2/6/1███]:

The people on the island are assuming a somewhat completely panicked state after 2 more of their craft were destroyed. I recommend the cessation of the automated defense fleet. Surely
a veritable utopia is of no harm to humanity.

-Researcher Tannis

EDIT 3 [27/6/1███]

This cannot go on any longer, something needs to be done. I insist on the destruction of the defense fleet immideitely. These people are of no threat to us!

-Researcher Tannis

// In light of recent events, Researcher Tannis has been moved to another project.


EDIT 3 [9/8/1███]:

As of the time of writing, SCP-XXXX has made a huge change from utopia to anarchy.
It appears that the craft they have been sending out were filled with offerings. At this juncture I can only recommend the complete termination of any security protocol established to contain this SCP. Enough damage has been done, they are no threat to us now.

- Researcher Edmund

FINAL EDIT [████████████]:

As per 0-5 Commands decision, all containment has been maintained on SCP-XXXX. In addition, no personnel are to know of its existence or location. Researchers Tannis and Edmund have been administered Class-A Amnesics and reassigned.

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