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Item #: SCP -1442Object Class: Safe/Pending Euclid
An instance of SCP 1442-1 inside SCP-1442

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1442 is to be contained in a small storage cell, large enough to allow entrance to personnel with Level-2 clearance or above. No personnel are to enter SCP-1442 and are not permitted to place objects within SCP-1442. Testing on SCP-1442 is closed and will no longer continue. Cases of SCP-1442-1 are to be reported, cataloged, and tagged. SCP-1442-1 are permitted to roam low-security areas of the facility. SCP-1442-1 are not to be kept as pets. Feeding any SCP-1442-1 is permitted solely to authorized specialists. Photographs or footage of SCP-1442-1 are to be confiscated immediately and stored for future high-class use. Any disregard for regulations will result in severe reprimand and possible demotion.

Description: SCP-1442 is an unremarkable box approximately .9 meters tall, and 1.2 meters in both length and width. It is composed of a cobalt-steel alloy and weighs 90.72kg. Because of this, the box is able to withstand temperatures of up to [REDACTED]. Sample tests from the inside of SCP-1442 show signs of low radioactivity, and high sterility.

Engraved markings on the facade of the box seemingly indicate the position of the box's topside (as noted by the word “UP” alongside an arrow). It is possible to close SCP-1442 using a lid composed of the same cobalt-steel alloy engraved with a three(3) small yet highly-stylized hieroglyphs representing the Egyptian goddess [REDACTED].

When left empty, SCP-1442 exhibits traits exactly like those of the average box. Foreign objects can be sealed inside it with no adverse effects. However, when any living subject is entered into SCP-1442 for longer than 10-12 seconds, it has been noted to transform or kill the subject. During entrapment, SCP-1442 shows no signs of activity and produces no noise. After 225 tests, the chance of death from SCP-1442 has been recorded to be exactly [REDACTED]. Tests from the corpses D-class personnel affected by SCP-1442 reveal high quantities of the toxic crystals from the plant Syngonium Podohyllum. If the subject “survives” the encapsulation, they will take the form of a random breed of Felis Catus (referred to as SCP-1442-1).

It should also be noted that all SCP-1442-1 suffer from mild cases of radiation poisoning. Otherwise SCP-1442-1 show no signs of physical abnormalities. Instances of SCP-1442-1 generally show great emotional distress when within a few feet of SCP-1442. Most SCP-1442-1 will try to hide or run away from SCP-1442. SCP-1442-1 also display higher intelligence than normal members of the species. Most have been reported to understand basic mathematical principles as well as human speech. Additionally, SCP-1442-1 occasionally display a strong desire to consume human food, as opposed to standard cat food (see: incident report #1442-A).