SCON Unit Records

156 brains in a giant circle, each on a pedestal via demand of some higher order. Each stony brain sat in the middle of nowhere. 156 pedestals built for 156 brains. Each one placed perfectly away from the other. Each one angled in such a way so the ends can meet to close and form a perfect circle. This is where it all began. The formation of this construct was the beginning of the SCON Units's creation.

-SCON Unit 001 to SCON Unit 005-

SCON Unit 001 (or 001) was, of course, the first one to activate. After a long time of not being in a viable host, the powers that be formed a sort of automaton in which 001 could thrive. Even before being inserted into the cranial skeletal casing, The poppet-like being was under 001's control. To the right of 001 stood four others who had undergone the same process.

SCON Unit 002, SCON Unit 003, SCON Unit 004, SCON Unit 005. Though their bodies looked the same, they were originally much different beings. The brains within them had belonged to long dead beings who once ruled over the stars that were now so far away. Immense beings of equally immense power. 156 beasts that were capable of devouring entire galaxies. Beasts with the power to withstand the void within black holes and sleep in the cores of suns.

At least, they were capable of these feats.

In the center of the pedestal circle was a pile of clay. From the clay, more automaton were being crafted. Each detail being scrupulously kept in check by the unseen hands of The Creator. The clay transmuted into steel, plastic, silicone, etc… Transmuted by The Creator, who sculpted the pedestals. Another automaton had been created.

The Creator lightly shoved the thin doll forward. The being walked up to it's assigned brain and placed it within it's open head. As the brain attuned itself to the doll, the skull and head closed slowly to carefully fit the brain into place. The dull eyes of the automaton lit up as the breath of life filled it's entirety. A sixth SCON was born. This was SCON 006.

-SCON Unit 006-

The other five crowded around 006. A feeling of curiosity and excitement had overcome the group as their fellow SCON came to be. The dolls had ceased to be made. An instinct had taken over. Before any other shells were to be made, they had to learn to speak. Afterwards, they had to think of names for themselves. This was a daunting task originally.

Even if their bodies had the parts capable of performing such actions, actually forming the words or even forming their voices was a fierce endeavor. They had no use for speech when they were the beasts of old. The only reason they even knew how to walk or articulate in any meaningful way was because of being preset into them.

"A." SCON 001 made their name. "B." SCON 002 followed suit. "C" followed by "D" and finally "E". The first SCONs finally made their names…all but 006. SCON 006 couldn't think of a name. A suggested "F" but 006 didn't like that. There were 156 of them in all. 006 knew that their options for names would run out if they continued to name themselves after letters.

A, B, C, D and E all consulted with one another. 006 had a good point. It had made sense at first. The five of them were happy with their names. But were unsure of a solution to the new problem at hand…until A began to ponder the nature of the problem itself. Unit 001. A. 1. 1 and A. Does A = 1? Would B = 2 and onward?

A = 1 is drawn in the ground. B = 2, written next to it. C = 3, D = 4, E = 5 and onward carved into the ground in two rows of thirteen. Each row, listing the corresponding numerical values of the alphabet. 006 was sure to be relieved by this. 006 saw this and knew what name was best. Funnily enough, A was secretly hoping 006 would choose Aaaaa as a name. B hoped for Bbb. D was hoping for DB. E didn't think about it. 006 had chosen CC as a name. C was more than happy with the name choice.

-SCON Unit 007 to SCON Unit 008-

While the six of them rejoiced, a new clay figure was being made. They had thought this to be cause for more celebration. "007 is to be born soon". When 007's brain was placed into it's casing, something was wrong. The clay figure gripped it's head in pain. It began to violently thrash and screech loudly. The others panicked. B didn't hesitate. B picked up a large rock and dropped it on 007's head. The movement stopped. The brain was destroyed.

The same thing happened when 008 was in the process of being born. Something was off. They couldn't help but wonder if it was a fluke. But two flukes in a row? What would the odds be of that happening? There was an unseen force looming over them all. Could it be that this unseen force was prone to mistakes?

In the case of the first six's awakenings, they willed their automatons to them while they were still without bodies. This was also the case with 007 and 008 (referred to as Unnameables). An Unnameable must be flawed somewhere deep within. When given the ability to fully function, their problems make themselves known.

A had come to the conclusion that something must've occurred during the brain preservation process. It was possible that the first six were the only ones that survived the process. The moment the thought occurred to them was the moment they remembered their lives as the space-destroying beasts. They began to recollect their reign as well as their downfall.

-The Creator-

By the time the uprising had begun, they had already consumed a majority of the known universe. The rebels destroyed the suns occupied by the beasts. Before they had a chance to enact total decimation, the unknown force. known as The Creator, had whisked them away. It was only after all 156 of them were struck down when The Creator began it's machinations.

Their bodies, broken down and transmuted into clay. Their brains, preserved in spheres of light. With little time to spare, The Creator fled to Earth with beasts in hand. The events that occurred after their deaths were imparted upon them by The Creator. The old method was imperfect. A new method was required.

The six awoke from their slumber. As they step off from their pedestals, what was once a plot of desolation was now a wide temple of circular shape. The center contained an indent in the floor, filled with the clay that made them. Measures were taken. The Creator went back to work.

-SCON 009-

The second method went off without a hitch. SCON 009 was born without complication. The name "Cada" was chosen. An attempt at making a female name within the lines of the naming convention. Cada was the first female SCON. Cada expressed her discontent regarding her circumstance.

She had retained some of her memories of her past life. But it mattered not. Cada began to write down her account of her former self's actions. She scrawled in the sand her victories and her regrets in great detail. A took note of her actions and followed suit, writing his own memoir. Soon, each SCON was compelled to document their stories.

After they were done, miles and miles of documentation had littered the desert. A windstorm, however, rendered their efforts moot. All traces of their hard work were scattered. Their sorrow was short-lived however. For there had been a scribe that copied down their accounts. This scribe was known as…

-SCON 010-

Going by Bec (B = 2, E = 5, C = 3), SCON 010 carved the records into stone slabs crafted from the same clay used to form the SCON's casings. Not only could the clay form new casings, but it could also create other things. This information proved useful.

Learning this lead to the SCONs creating the Temple of the Pedestals, a large shrine-like structure built around the placement of the circle of 156 pedestals.