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Note: As of the events of Incident Report 1384-Omega, SCP-1384-A has been marked as deceased, although information regarding him remains intact as archival evidence.

Item #: SCP-1384

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1384 is to be hung on a wall in a Category-A chamber. SCP-1384 is to be monitored at all times. If SCP-1384-A manages to breach SCP-1384’s dimensional barrier, he is to be quarantined until further notice.

SCP-1384 is to be contained in a 50x100x30 centimetre steel-plated container within a Category-C chamber. SCP-1384 is to be monitored at all times. If SCP-1384-B manages to breach SCP-1384’s dimensional barrier, and breach the steel-plated container, the room’s incineration procedure is to commence immediately. Any personnel that makes an effort to communicate with SCP-1384-B will be disciplined accordingly.

Description: SCP-1384 is a mirror, measuring 44x71 centimetres, discovered in the bedroom of a boarded-up house in ██████, England.
SCP-1384 does not reflect its surroundings and instead acts as an inter-dimensional window. The environment shown through SCP-1384 is a completely white room, with one door leading outside, into a seemingly infinite void-like area. The mirror dimension is unaffected by time, and uninhabited other than SCP-1384-A [DECEASED] and SCP-1384-B.

Research Team G55 have adjudicated that SCP-1384 is unrelated to the phenomenon documented by SCP-093 and tests using SCP-093 to enter the mirror dimension have proved unsuccessful.

SCP-1384-A [DECEASED] is a caucasian male, judged to be at least sixteen years of age. SCP-1384-A [DECEASED] claimed to have no recollection of how he became transported to the dimension seen through the object, nor did he have any memory of his name or origin.

SCP-1384-B [Referred to as “The Red Man”] is a large sentient humanoid. It has been described by SCP-1384-A [DECEASED] to be hairless, have dark red skin, long, canine-like teeth, a small claw-like nail on each finger and abnormally long legs. SCP-1384-B has shown to possess great physical strength and aberrant speeds for a being of its size. SCP-1384-B has been observed to have extremely hostile and carnivorous tendencies1. It is speculated by Research Team G55 that SCP-1384-B has the ability to travel between our reality and the mirror dimension. That in regard, Research Team G55 believes SCP-1384-A [DECEASED] was pulled into the mirror dimension by SCP-1384-B, although it is unknown what reason SCP-1384-B had for doing so.

Interview 1384-A-1 The following interview was recorded upon transfer of SCP-1384 to Sector-25

Interviewed: SCP-1384-A

Interviewer: Dr. Beckman

Foreword: This is the first recorded interaction with SCP-1384-A.
<Begin Log>
Beckman: Hello SCP-1384-A, my name is Dr. Harold Beckman, can you hear me?
[SCP-1384-A appears agitated and aggressive]
SCP-1384-A: Yes I can, and who the fuck are you? How did you get in my mirror? Where are you people?
Beckman: Please, calm down, we mean only to ask a few questions.
[SCP-1384-A appears to have calmed down]
SCP-1384-A: Whatever.
Beckman: What is your name? Where are you from?
SCP-1384-A: My name is… Shit, I don’t even know. Why don’t I know my own damn name?
[Dr. Beckman is heard conversing with colleagues]
Beckman: How long have you been here?
SCP-1384-A: About… [Subject appears puzzled] I don’t know… Seems like forever since I…
Beckman: Since you what?
SCP-1384-A: I don’t know! I can’t fucking remember anything! [Subject is visibly distressed]
Beckman: It’s quite alright, we’re here to help you.
SCP-1384-A: Are you going to get me out of here?
<End Log>

Dr. Harold Beckman’s Personal Research Diary: Dated 04/10/████
SCP-1384-A fascinates me. Here we have a boy with no recollection of who he is or how he became trapped in SCP-1384’s mirror dimension. He does not age, he does not hunger, and he never tires. It appears that the subject is in a state where time does not exist. I have requested with Dr. ██████ that I may read some books to SCP-1384-A. He says that it is not in the Foundation’s best interests to entertain him, but he will allow it, in agreement that he may oversee the affair. I look forward to seeing SCP-1384-A’s reaction.

Interview 1384-A-6: The following interview was recorded 5 days after the transfer of SCP-1384 to Sector-25

Interviewed: SCP-1384-A

Interviewer: Dr. Garrett

Foreword: This is the first interview in which SCP-1384-A mentions SCP-1384-B
<Begin Log>
Garrett: Hello SCP-1384-A, my name is Dr. Edward Garrett. I’m going to ask you to do something for me, if you don’t mind.
SCP-1384-A: Where’s Dr. Beckman?
Garrett: Unfortunately Dr. Beckman has a minor ear infection, and so is not fit to work today, but he should be able to see you again shortly.
SCP-1384-A: Is he going to be ok?
Garrett: Most definitely. Shall we continue?
SCP-1384-A: Go ahead.
Garrett: Now SCP-1384-A, I understand that you have never left the room you are in, is that correct?
SCP-1384-A: That is correct.
Garrett: Alright, I now must ask you to open the door leading outside.
[SCP-1384-A seems uncomfortable and irritated]
SCP-1384-A: Do I have to?
Garrett: Why not?
SCP-1384-A: It’s just… I… I don’t want to.
Garrett: What’s the matter?
** SCP-1384-A:** I lied, I have left the room before, but that was a long time ago.
Garrett: Please, 1384-A, if I ask you a question, you must tell me the truth. Now, why don’t you want to leave the room?
SCP-1384-A: Because there’s nothing out there, just blackness. Blackness and… The Red Man.
[SCP-1384-A expresses a look of sheer terror]
Garrett: “The Red Man”? Who is “The Red Man”?
SCP-1384-A: Please, I don’t want to… I want to see Harold.
Garrett: I understand, you shall continue with Dr. Beckman when he has returned from the medic.
SCP-1384-A: When are you going to get me out of here?
<End Log>

Dr. Harold Beckman’s Personal Research Diary: Dated 11/10/████
It has been a week since we first discovered SCP-1384, and I have grown very close to SCP-1384-A.
I decided to give SCP-1384-A a name, to make him feel, well… More a patient than a prisoner. He seems to be pleased with the name Daniel.
My colleagues mock me for how intimate I am with Daniel, but I pay them no attention. It seems clear to me that Daniel is a very traumatised and scared boy, and I think that the Foundation should do their best to help him recover.
Unfortunately, the tests with SCP-093 were unsuccessful in breaking the barrier between our reality and the mirror dimension. I fear we may never free Daniel.
I conversed with Dr. ██████ today, he told me that he is considering transferring me to another site, as apparently I’m getting too “emotionally attatched”.

Interview 1384-A-9:

Interviewed: SCP-1384-A

Interviewer: Dr. Beckman
Foreword: SCP-1384-A describes SCP-1384-B in more detail.
<Begin Log>
Beckman: Hello Daniel.
SCP-1384-A: Good morning Dr. Beckman, glad to see you are well.
Beckman: Thank you. I am glad to see you too. I have some more questions for you.
SCP-1384-A: No problem, ask away.
Beckman: Last time you spoke to Dr. Garrett you mentioned “The Red Man”? Tell me more about him.
SCP-1384-A: The one time I left this room, I stepped out into the blackness, and there he was, hunched over like a dog. He turned around and saw me, so I ran back in the room, and he banged against the door for what seemed like hours. And then nothing. I looked back outside and there was just the blackness.
Beckman: Can you describe what he looked like for me?
[SCP-1384-A hesitates]
SCP-1384-A: He was tall and red, and he had completely white eyes. And he had a massive set of teeth, that’s what really scared the crap out of me. And he ran on all fours, like a dog, I guess.
[SCP-1384-A begins to get nervous, and sits in the corner of the room]
SCP-1384-A: Have you found a way to get me out of here yet?
Beckman: We’re working on it Daniel.
<End Log>

Dr. Harold Beckman’s Personal Research Diary: Dated 22/10/████
Daniel looks to me almost like a father figure. He trusts me a great deal.
Unfortunately, Daniel is having trouble remembering anything before he became trapped in the mirror dimension.
I worry for him, he says that he has heard The Red Man outside his door. He says it has become more and more frequent.
Dr. ██████ has put a stop to my reading sessions with Daniel. He says that my “closeness to SCP-1384-A could endanger the entire team”.
What a load of shit.

Interview 1384-A-17:

Interviewed: SCP-1384-A

Interviewer: Dr. Talbott
Talbott: Hello SCP-1384-A. My name is Dr. Adam Talbott, how are you feeling today?
SCP-1384-A: My name’s Daniel, who the fuck are you? Where’s Harold?
Talbott: Dr. Beckman is in a meeting with Dr. ██████ right now. Now, If I-
[SCP-1384-A has interrupted Talbott]
SCP-1384-A: Is he in trouble?
Talbott: Irrelevant. SCP-1384-A, I am now going to-
SCP-1384-A: Fuck off.
[SCP-1384-A sits in a corner of the room and ignores all attempts to communicate from different members of Research Team G55]
<End Log>

Dr. Harold Beckman’s Personal Research Diary: Dated 17/07/████
It has been almost five years since we discovered SCP-1384.
Daniel has made wonderful progress, despite him not aging one iota. In five years, I have read him a vast number of literary classics. He seemed to particularly enjoy Shakespeare. I have also taught him advanced theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.
Dr. ██████ has reluctantly allowed me to continue to be Daniel’s keeper well into the foreseeable future, due to the fact Daniel refuses to talk to anyone but me.
Dr. ██████ has expressed concerns of what is to happen when I die. Is Daniel to be locked away like another monster, without any human company? He certainly wouldn’t accept another person as his keeper. I must admit, I don’t know what will happen either.
I think the most tragic part of all this is that Daniel still thinks he’s going to get out of the mirror dimension. I can’t bring myself to tell him that he will never leave.
Daniel hasn’t mentioned The Red Man for years until today. He said that he heard The Red Man sniffing around by the door. I fear that Daniel is in danger and I can’t help him.

Incident Report 1384-Alpha:

On 2/08/████, SCP-1384-A was heard screaming in fear, backing away from the door. The door was supposedly being scratched at by SCP-1384-B. The scratching lasted 42 minutes, after which the scratching ceased. SCP-1384-A was visibly disturbed by the incident and requested to see Dr. Beckman immediately. The request was granted.

Dr. Harold Beckman’s Personal Research Diary: Dated 03/08/████
Dr. ██████ made me be psychologically evaluated. The sector’s psychologist told me that I was in shock. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?
The Red Man is coming for Daniel. I don’t know why. I don’t know how to stop him.