SCP-1435 The Micro Parasite

ITEM#: SCP-1435

object class: Keter

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES:SCP-1435 is to be contained in a airtight metal orb approximately 6 inches in circumference. Orb's inner condition must be at no higher than 5 degrees °C at all times. Object must remain inside a lock sealed containment room 8 m X 7 m. SCP-1435 is to be watched by heat vision sensors on each corner of its containment room to supervise its presence.

Subject's attempt of ██████ is to be notified by Dr. ██████ immediately. ██████ must be responded with protocol ███ - █. All of the facility is to be locked down, and SCP-1435 is to be contained before it is too late. Protocol ███ - █ is to be operating 24/7 until object is confirmed to be in containment. No personnel should be in the facility area during ██████, except authorized Flame-Phoenix to search and retrieve the SCP-1435. Other personnel and doctors should all remain safe at gate D until breach is in containment.

If freezing condition inside the orb has stopped working, then protocol ███ ███████ is to be activated. Its cell must be freezing with a substitute generator until freezing cell is back online. Entering the cell is to be supervised by all heat vision sensors at all times. Periodic evaluation is to be conducted on a daily basis

Personnel are unauthorized to provoke the SCP-1435 inside the orb. Shaking or tapping the orb is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized personnel to proceed with these acts are immediately removed from the foundation.

Due to SCP-1435's ability to ██████ the facility, subject has been transferred to site ███ - █ - ██. Further attempts to contain SCP-1435 at higher security levels is in progress.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-1435 is a micro parasite, 2 millimeters, object mass .010 kilograms. SCP-1435 has DNA that seems to be similar to a crustacean organism. Its red skin like texture is toxic. SCP-1435 has 4 thick claw like limbs, with 2 limbs on each of his sides. Its origins and part of his DNA is not of this world. Subject has 4 stages. The first stage is known as a micro parasite. Once it has reached its attempt to ██████ , the subject finds its prey by jumping onto its victim as it attaches itself onto the victim's skin, then piercing its way deep within the body of the victim. SCP-1435 will then inject ████ █████ , and the victim will quickly feel an █████ spreading within their body, and the victim's skin will start to give off a ███. The skin starts to ████ from the inside out, and so the victim has been subjected to ██████ ███ and cannot be help or cured. The victim will then be some what decayed with visible signs of rotting on the victims body. The victim is now dead, and was █████ from the inside out. SCP-1435 has then absorbed █████ from the victim. SCP-1435 starts to multiply. After SCP-1435 has absorbed more and more █████, SCP-1435 starts to ███ ████████ ███ ███ . Titanium suit is required for any personnel to encounter SCP-1435 in ███.

After SCP-1435 had enough █████, subject seems to be ██████ ██ into what appears to be the adolescent stage, much similar to the micro stage but more stronger, lethal, and bigger. SCP-1435's second stage is approximately 9 to 10 meters tall, Mass weight 10 tons, and has a long thick tail. SCP-1435 has 8 thick like limb with thick claws at the end to walk on, with 4 on each side of him. SCP-1435 has multiple spikes around his shoulder. SCP-1435 torso is cylindrical , slanted towards the front. The neck of the torso has ring like scales around his neck. Its face has menacing orange eyes. SCP-1435 in its second stage multiplies into several SCP-1435 covering the facility and searches for humans to devour. SCP-1435 devours victims with its mouth, and its claw like legs, shredding them like paper. Its red like armored skin deflects bullets like no other material. It has evolved from its weakness, and adapted to extreme security protocol. Its weakness is now the exact opposite of its previous weakness. Fire is the weakness to SCP-1435 second stage. SCP-1435 at this stage is immune to freezing points. Flame-Phoenix are to be equipped with flamethrowers to fight back against SCP-1435's second stage. SCP-1435 has the capability to penetrate through walls, doors and ceilings. Hiding behind the following will not save you, evacuation from the facility is mandatory. Information on SCP-1435 growth development is unknown and █████.

After the second stage is complete. SCP-1435 combines all of its self, creating a fusion reaction. SCP-1435 is then created into one giant aggregate stage. This is SCP- 1435's third stage. SCP-1435 becomes a bigger creature then it already was. Standing about 40 to 50 meters tall and mass is 260 tons. SCP-1435 has giant crab like claws formed from the body half of the torso, and large thick spikes surging from the torso of the back, and grows 2 sets of tails with grabbing claws at the end of them. SCP-1435 ██████ the whole facility sending havoc on the facility. At this point, more info has be limited due to immediate protocol ██████. SCP foundation was able to re-contain SCP-1435. Apparently SCP-1435's third stage was being susceptible to being frozen again. SCP-1435' third stage is being contained in a huge facility , 80 x 70 M. And is chained by multiple █████ chains, and is being frozen by a ███ generator. SCP-1435 is being studied for more information.

SCP-1435 first stage has been sighted again in the facility. Flame-Phoenix has retrieved SCP-1435 and has re-contained it. SCP-1435 been subjected to most dangerous SCP


SCP-1435 micro stage evaluation scan, and analysis.