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Item #:SCP-1594

Object Class Euclid

Special Containment Procedures
SCP-1594 is to be placed in an aircraft hanger at Site 151 under armed guard. However, the item is NOT to be approached by personnel, except for certain exceptions. When those events are met, site personnel are to remain 5 yards or higher away from SCP-1594, while wearing goggles and safety gear. Interviews with researchers are to happen after testing. Please note Any and all reports of bodily harm or suicidal thoughts are to be reported to Site 151's medical staff. Do not investigate any anomalies coming directly from the item, cameras are running 24 hours a day and will capture footage of any activity.

To approach the object site personnel must be wearing the aforementioned gear, with specialized ladders and pads to help scale the object. Samples of the blocks are to be removed with caution and precise cutting, with the chunk of block being no shorter then 5 in and no longer then 1 ft.

Description: SCP-1594 is a two story assortment of what site personal call "Construction Block Toys". The blocks are multi-colored, and have been shown to cause adverse effects on Foundation staff, such as headaches, seizures, bleeding of eyes/nose, bipolar actions, introverted changes to personality, and permanent damage to the nervous system. The Foundation has speculated that this may have to do with the blocks changing color at odd intervals , and that viewing of this for over 1 minute can cause harm to the viewer.

A humanoid entity designated as SCP-1594-1 is located at the uppermost center of the structure. The entities torso is melded to a group of the blocks, and organic materials having been excavated from the structure. SCP-1594-1 has attempted communication through basic English , which has been recorded during testing.

_Test C - December, 1997_

Dr. ████: What do you feel? Happiness, anger, pain, frustration?
1594-1: No.
Dr.████: These blocks can be deconstructed and connected together again with little difficult. Did you create them?
1594-1: None creator.
Dr.████: (pauses) Are you perhaps related to the being Dr.Wondertainment?
1594-1: There is nay a wonder here.

** Site Experiments **

  • A single chunk of block was excavated from the bottom of the structure, and taken to Site 151's research lab. After being taken, the block randomly disassembled into small construction bricks. Attempts to rebuild were a success, but attempts to place the block back were hindered when SCP-1594 had began to regenerate lost materials. The block was kept by Dr. ██ for further experiments.
  • SCP-1594-1 was