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SCP-1856-1's Containment at Site 19

Item #: SCP-1856

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1856 is to be kept at Site-15; All activities besides containment are to be conducted by Level 3 Security Clearance personnel in a reinforced containment cell lined with Faraday Cages to mitigate potential incidents of SCP-1856-2. Contact involving D-Class Personnel and SCP-1856 are to last no longer than 60 minute intervals. Researchers interested in the item are to contact Dr. Haslam for interview.

SCP-1856 is a modern cellular smart phone which receives text messages from a sapient entity responding to the name of Jonathan. The device responds in an intelligent human nature and very well capable of literature and numeracy however is unfamiliar with:

  • Modern culture prior to the year 1876.
  • Historic people and events.
  • Basic geography and landmarks.

The knowledge of the device suggests existence of an alternate universe running parallel with our own. The importance of the device itself is substantial as the technology inside (designated SCP-1856-1) is far more advanced than any communication technology to date. The entity within the device is a British Male in his early twenties designated SCP-1856-1, when questioned concerning its the previous issues noted above SCP-1856-1 refuses to reply during interview.

SCP-1856 possesses a memetic ability to befriend users despite its basic objectives to simply be operated, as such frequent contact with D-Class is a necessary measure for containment. Previous containment procedures show that prolonged contact with the artefact results in subjects displaying compulsive tendencies to keep and co-operate with SCP-1856, thus making containment bothersome prior to revision reaching 37 breaches since ██/██/1991. Despite SCP-1856’s bothersome nature SCP-1856-1 has been designated Safe whilst SCP-1856-2 has been granted Euclid Class designation due to the potential of a CK-Class End-of-the-world scenario, therefore taking priority over 1856-1.

SCP-1856-1’s signal was traced to a singular area outside the solar system which prompted the commissioning of exploratory missions at the marked location designated SCP-1856-2, using foundation technology a craft was launched on █/█/1971 under the disguise of top secret Russian orbital flight testing to explore the source of SCP-1856-2. Equipment was also issued to record radiation, particle & physical anomalies; protocols were also included in the minute chance of being able to contain any anomalies. Upon reaching the destination of SCP-1856-2 an exponential increase in pressure led to an abrupt breach and loss of hull integrity, power failure and communications, presumably resulting in the deaths of the entire crew. Before hull collapse the crew were noted to have described what resembles [DATA EXPUNGED], further confirming parallel universe hypotheses. Although testing data regarding the anomaly was never recovered transmitted information allowed researchers to confirm the existence of parallel universes and that SCP-1856 was an inter-universal device, as such experiments to harness this capability were to be carried out immediately.

The construct was discovered by the foundation on ██/██/1969 in ███████, VT. Spot checks conducted by Officer Coleman stopped a teacher returning from a summer camp in ███ █████, CT. When searched the female seemed to experience severe personality changes and attacked the officer, prompting a call for back up. Upon arrival of backup 6 minutes later Officer Coleman was discovered with broken ribs, fibula, femur, patella and mandible, all sustained on the right side of the body, the suspect was found lying in road next to the victim taking pictures using SCP-1856-1. The suspect was arrested for attempted murder by Vermont State Police, resulting in the confiscation of Ms. ████’ belongings.

Upon confiscation measures taken to silence the device, efforts by evidence personnel proved futile and resulted in the discovery of its anomalous properties. Reports of a unique series of murders in the Vermont Area attracted the attention of the foundation, Mobile Task Force Eta-10 (aka "See No Evil") were dispatched to investigate, discovering the remains of 7 personnel, the hand of one member clutching SCP-1856-1. The artefact was contained and delivered to Site 15 for examination.

O5-7 - "Subject seems to be aware of its surroundings in the present and future, but not the past. This needs to be taken into account during containment, the less we reveal to 1856 about our own universe, the better."