SCP-1874 (saved for future major rewrite)

I will be attempting to take Eric_H's challenge of rewriting bad SCP's sometime in the future. as this literary abomination was particularly bad, i shall be saving it here for future reference:
tem #: SCP-1874

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1874 needs to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m room with acid resistant walls. The room needs to be kept at a temperature of 14˚C and is to be cleaned every 24 hours. When entering the chamber of SCP-1874 researchers are required to wear Hazmat suits and welding goggles. Only one scientist is allowed in at any one time. No researcher is permitted to be in the room with SCP-1874 for longer than 15 minutes.

Description: SCP-1874 is a creature with the average height of the human male. It is completely black save its face, which resembles a broken gas mask from the WWII era. This creature is incapable of speech and only replies to anything said to it is a loud screech. It is constantly coughing and seems incapable to stop.

SCP-1874 secretes black, tar-like liquid from its hands every 6 hours. This liquid is extremely reactive to metals, thus the necessity for acid resistant walls. Whenever in temperatures above 16˚C this creature starts to screech, it is noted that SCP-1874’s body begins to heat up and starts to melt. It is believed this is due to the creature being composed of the tarry liquid it secretes.

The liquid that SCP-1874 secretes has no reaction to organic materials. However, it has also been observed that after 20 minutes of exposure, whether contact is through clothes or bare skin, subjects begin to develop a wheezing cough similar to SCP-1874's. Over time the subjects breathing becomes worse and worse until they start coughing up black liquid that SCP-1874 secretes. All subjects tested have died due to eventual suffocation by the breathing problem.

Addendum: It has been noted that after death the subject contracts [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is only possible to terminate this with SCP-500.

can dead people be revived with 500?
it's incapable of speech, but it can still screech?
incapable OF stopping, not incapable to stop
secretes A black, tar like liquid
why welding goggles? explain?
why only one researcher?
it's face resembles a gas mask…would be better if it was WEARING a gas mask, as this gives me a mental image of a face painting gone horrible wrong.