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Item #: SCP-1901

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1901's components are to be kept inside a 5 meter wide, 5 meter high, 5 long room with an extra 9 meters of lead covering the room in a layer. The room itself is to be made of concrete. The room must be vacuum-sealed, and any personnel entering must pass through a security chamber in order to enter. When security clearance and permission is verified, the entering individual is to be provided with an oxygen tank with a half-hour of oxygen, and a hazmat suit. Any entering individual must be watched in order to make sure no escape attempt is attempted. Anyone attempting to escape with any component of SCP-1901 is to be terminated. No D-class personnel are to be permitted into containment cell under any circumstance. Viewers must view the chamber indirectly, either through a video feed or through glasses. The viewing chamber is to hold no D-class personnel, and no more than three personnel at any time. All personnel viewing must have armed guards posted outside the cell. Should a viewer become afflicted, they are to be terminated immediately, along with anyone else in the room.

Description: SCP-1901 is a series of 9 concentric bands made of varying material, with various effects. The wearer of the bands (dubbed SCP-1901-W) are not affected, except in the case of SCP-1901-I, and any 1901-W has the ability to directly influence the minds of nearby individuals, with an effective sphere of influence of 10 meters. The influence can range anywhere from slight direction to total enslavement. The bands' effects are as follows:

SCP-1901-A: The first, and least harmful, of the bands, SCP-1901-A displays the ability to make non wearing individuals afflicted with a case of anterograde and retrograde amnesia and a mild hallucinogen. Only slight hostility is to be expected from anyone affected solely by SCP-1901-A, but they are to be approached with caution. SCP-1901-A displays a very slight compulsion that strengthens over time.
SCP-1901-B: The second band, SCP-1901-B has two distinct effects: the first occurs should the band not be worn or possessed, in which case people within a 10 meter radius are subconsciously drawn to it, often not knowing that they are being influenced. The second effect of the ring occurs should the band be possessed, in which case the wearer of the band can choose to influence a radius or individuals, with the effect being that the affected have a strong desire to protect the possessor of the band.
SCP-1901-C: The third band has the ability to make the non-wearing individuals affected by it crave human blood and flesh. They will openly attack any human in sight, except for the wearing individual or any other of the afflicted.
SCP-1901-D: The fourth band expands the hostility of the third band. Any individuals under the effect of SCP-1901-D, but not SCP-1901-W itself, will attack any non-wearing individual, including other afflicted being. They cease attacking each other when another threat or human is detected, in which case they will attack and consume said threat or human, and then continue fighting. SCP-1901-W still maintains a measure of control through this stage, and can order them to stop fighting.
SCP-1901-E: The affected individuals will lose any and all inhibitions and most mental faculties, and will become much more resistant to pain. Whereas before, if they sustained enough damage they would desist attacks, the only way to stop the affected now is by complete termination. SCP-1901-W is still protected against, but has lost control.
SCP-1901-F: The afflicted individuals stop viewing themselves as alive species, and start to attack any object, human or not.
SCP-1901-G: The band affects their physiology. All non-vital organs and fat are converted into muscle mass, and their metabolic rate is increased by 50%. Cell repair now happens at a rate of 250% normal speed. Bone structure is changed to maintain muscle mass.
SCP-1901-H: The band affects anyone not under control of SCP-1901-W by psychically projecting multiple of all the afflicted, so that the mob appears many times more than what it actually is. There is no known way to combat this.
SCP-1901-I: The only band not in the collection, SCP-1901-I only manifests on the wearer after approximately 100 hours of putting on, and keeping, SCP-1901-A. The ring makes any and all of the non-wearing affected attack SCP-1901-W. After SCP-1901-W has been terminated, the components of SCP-1901 automatically re-appear where they were initially put on. The affected will then rush to the bands, attempting to gain all of them. Any effects of SCP-1901 -C through -G will remain after SCP-1901-W is terminated.

Note from Dr. Hendrake(20/11/2009)
It appears as though all components of SCP-1901 have a slight telepathic affect that compels any individual who directly view it to pick it up. The compulsion increases with every band, with 1901-A having the least, and 1901-H having the most.

As previously stated, each band is made of a different metal. The materials are as follows (Note: all bands bear a jade inscription describing it):
SCP-1901-A: This band is made of gold. The jade inscription is "Perditus", Latin for lost. This may refer to the anterograde and retrograde amnesia.
SCP-1901-B: SCP-1901-B is a silver band, with streaks of lapis lazuli running through it at irregular intervals. This band bears the inscription of "Concupisco" meaning covet or lust.
SCP-1901-C: The band is made of an unknown, possibly extra-dimensional, probably extraterrestrial, that has been described as "black as the void". It appears to have tiny flecks of light that move about within the band, though this has not been directly viewed. The band has the inscription of "Miluina" which means engorgement. This is definitely an allusion to the cannibalistic nature of SCP-1901-C's anomalous effect.
SCP-1901-D: This ring, inscribed as "Catillatio", is a pure iron band, with the exception of the jade inscription.
SCP-1901-E: This band is a simple wooden ring, with the simple name of "Ira". The name means "Wrath", which definitely refers to the berserk that comes out of an SCP-1901-E's afflicted.
SCP-1901-F: A band that is, somehow, made of fire. It has no solid substance to fuel it, it is a contained fire formed into a band. The jade inscription is still on the band, naming it "Haeresis". This literally translates into "Heresy", possibly from the afflicted denial of species.
SCP-1901-G: Made of sapphire, the band "Inpes" means "Assault". It is very pleasing to look at.
SCP-1901-H: The red ruby that this was formed of appears to be the exact same hue of blood. The inscription of SCP-1901-H is "Dolus", which means "Deceit".
SCP-1901-I: The ring has never been collected, since it only appears in 100 hours and cannot be removed from the host. The host is never willing to allow testing done on it, and the band disappears on termination. The third host to have worn SCP-1901-I stated that "his" name is "Perfuga". This translates to "Traitor".

The reference to SCP-1901-I as a "he" may mean that it may possess some degree of sentience, or that it causes wearers to personify it. This may be a defense mechanism of the SCP-1901 as a whole.

The components of SCP-1901 were discovered in the remote village of [REDACTED] on [DATA EXPUNGED] while looking for SCP[CLASSIFIED]. Upon arrival in {REDACTED], Agent ███ followed rumors of a magician with the ability to control minds and transform people into hideous monsters. The Agent continued on to the nearest village, [REDACTED], where he found a mass grave that had been made roughly 43 1/2 hours before hand (according to the field report). The Agent counted a total ███ bodies, all stripped to the bone with signs of brutal struggle and teeth marks. As he went farther into the village, he was attacked by a group of natives, who were later confirmed to be under the effects of SCP-1901-A through SCP-1901-E. Agent ███ killed them with three bullets each, to the forehead, gut, and heart in all affected. He later requested backup for recovery, and Mobile Task Force Gamma-21 ("Indigenous") went into the village and collected the 1901 specimens.