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SCP-1972-1's oak door

Item #: SCP-1972

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of SCP-1972 manifesting within a doorway, no fewer than 6 Mobile Task Force units should be deployed to secure it, and if possible SCP scientists should accompany the squad for research purposes. All units must be equipped with long-range tracking equipment, with amnesiacs and tranquilizers reserved for cases of civilian intervention. Units must activate the tracking equipment and enter the doorway. As each door is opened, 2 units must break off from the main group and occupy a hallway until the third hallway is reached. After completion of the said task the units must close the hallway doors and wait for Foundation personnel to evacuate them.


SCP-1972 is an event where a door is “linked” to another by currently unknown, but suspected temporal means. It “links” 3 hallways, usually from hotel corridors lacking alternative routes of exit (e.g. windows, stairwells, etc.), before it finally links to its origin, SCP-1972-1. It appears to manifest randomly with no specific locations and tends to link to a location much farther away than the last it linked to.

SCP-1972-1 is a large hallway, with both floors and walls fashioned with industrial concrete. Its dimensions vary and it has been known to cause headaches, nosebleeds and sometimes unconsciousness. 1 door resides at the end, composed of machine cut oak wood with a brass handle. This is the known entry route of the entity designated as SCP-1972-2.

SCP-1972-2 is an estimated 2.7m tall, pale humanoid with 6 symmetrically positioned eyes and a large mouth containing numerous serrated teeth. Its abdominal region is distended and its hands are of abnormal size and lack thumbs. It has been concluded that, when a human being has travelled 1cm beyond the entrance of SCP-1972-1 the door will slam shut with extreme speed and SCP-1972-2 will exit and break the legs and arms of the subject, before disemboweling and finally decapitating them and dragging all remains back to its point of entry. The sheer aggressiveness and power of the subject makes in depth tests nearly impossible.

Addendum: SCP-1972 has been shown to nearly immediately preposition itself on earth after being secured, proving to be severely taxing to the Foundation’s resources and posing a major threat to our secrecy and the public. SCP-1972 must be destroyed.