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Satelite view of Site ██
Item #: SCP-2001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site ██ was built above SCP-2001, and is located in Antarctica at the Earth's Southern Pole. SCP-2001 is publicly concealed as the IceCube Neutrino Observatory; a cover-up organization has been established through the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Addendum-2001-1: Foundation cover-up of Event 2001-Omega is ongoing. Efforts are underway to retroactively alter astronomical maps, to administer appropriate amnesiacs as necessary, and to monitor and subdue the publishing of any material regarding the effects of Event 2001-Omega.

Site ██ is to remain operational indefinitely with standard maintenance and guard staff to maintain the integrity and secrecy of SCP-2001 components.

Description: SCP-2001 is a large subterranean complex, believed extraterrestrial in origin. SCP-2001 extends approximately 7,390m below ground with 2,718 levels, and has an approximate floor area of 738,905,600 sq meters. Geological analysis of the surrounding rock indicates that SCP-2001 was constructed 1.253 billion years ago (+ 0.002 BY) in its current position. Small-scale fissures indicate that the Antarctic Tectonic plate has been partially fractured as a result of sliding around SCP-2001.


Research in 196█ confirmed that SCP-2001 perpetually broadcasts a dense stream of neutrinos toward the center of the Earth, which is then redirected at Earth's core through unknown means. Regardless of Earth's relative position and orientation, this beam maintains focus toward a fixed coordinate point located within the Center Bulge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

SCP-2001 has been fully mapped, with three primary features designated SCP-2001-1 through -3. SCP-2001-1 is an area comprising parts of floors 25 through 29 and contains a concentration of display readouts and input controls. Conduits throughout the entire complex join at junction relays and all eventually terminate at SCP-2001-1, indicating that it is the control center for the entire complex. Displays in SCP-2001-1 are alert and active, and appear to perpetually display real time information using a combination of graphics and an undecipherable alien language. This information is largely meaningless without knowledge of the systems or the language. An attempt is underway to interact with SCP-2001-1 in an effort to learn more. (See Document 2001-114) Displays in SCP-2001-1 are dead and unresponsive.

SCP-2001-2 is an area comprising parts of the lowest 271 levels, and is the source of the neutrino transmission beam. It is believed to hold an immense focusing mechanism which directs neutrinos produced by SCP-2001-3 into a beam 271m in diameter, with an average neutrino density of 27 quadrillion neutrinos per sq cm.

SCP-2001-3 is a perfectly spherical section comprising the central sections of levels 1223-1495. There are several hundred shuttered transparent viewing apertures located along the equatorial belt of SCP-2001-3. When unshuttered, these apertures allow limited filtered wavelengths of visible light to pass through. Visual indications show that SCP-2001-3 houses what appears to be a miniature neutron star, designated SCP-2001-4. SCP-2001-4 is an estimated 400m in diameter with a rotational period of 0.5 ms. Gravimetric and electromagnetic readings do not pick up any usual activity near the vicinity of SCP-2001-4; either SCP-2001-4 does not produce gravitational and electromagnetic fields, or 2000-3 effectively blocks them.

In addition to the primary faculties, SCP-2001 also houses a small section believed to be abandoned alien living quarters, several large cavernous rooms of unknown purpose, and approximately 2.71 billion meters of conduit connecting SCP-2001-1, SCP-2001-2, and SCP-2001-3.

Document 2000-114: Partial transcript of Video Log 2001-Epsilon

Foreword: On 10/07/196█, after █ years of study, the first attempt was made to interact with SCP-2001-1 control consoles. 54 researchers are present, as well as Site Director F███████. 27 researchers are seated in front of control stations, while head researcher Dr. P████ gives instructions. Displays are active.

<Commence Log>
00:00:01 - Dr. P█████ is talking to various aides.

00:00:12 - Dr. P█████: Alright, let us begin. Station Theta, hit control eight dash one two, just like we rehearsed.

00:00:19 - No obvious visual changes appear on any displays.

00:00:34 - Dr. P█████: Very well. Station Lambda, please turn dial one dash twelve counterclockwise by ten degrees. Okay, twenty degrees. Thirty. Fourty.

00:00:46 - Lambda Controller: Uhm, I can't turn it anymore. That's as far as it goes.

00:00:52 - Dr. P█████: Hmmmm. Nothing. Very well. Station Lambda, please return the dial to its original position.

00:01:12 - Dr. P█████ consults his notes.

00:01:46 - Dr. P█████: Alright, let us begin again. Station Mu, try hitting button three dash one. Yes, the big one.


04:01:46 - Dr. P█████ is talking to Site Director F███████.

04:01:46 - Dr. P█████: Yes, I agree. I think it's time for Sigma, you know, just to see what sticks.

04:02:03 - Dr. P█████ addresses the researchers.

04:02:05 - Dr. P█████: Alright everyone, return to your consoles. Listen, you've got full authorization for Protocol Sigma. Don't be afraid, just start hitting buttons. See what happens. If you get any change, please yell "STOP" and we'll stop and I'll come over.


04:25:55 - Zeta Controller: "STOP! I've got something!"

04:25:56 - Everyone stops immediately and looks over at Station Zeta. Dr. P█████ runs over to Zeta

04:25:57 - Dr. P█████: What? What happened? What'd you do?

04:26:00 - Zeta Controller: "I hit this big one here, in conjunction with those two little ones, and then that thing appeared on the display, and…"

04:26:01 - Talking ceases. Everyone in the room falls unconscious instantly. Site Director F███████ has vanished. All displays have gone black.

04:26:43 - Medical staff rush into SCP-2001-1 and begin reviving the team

04:29:35 - Entire team is revived with no permanent injuries.

<End Log>

Frame By Frame Analysis: Below is a frame-by-frame analysis of Video Log 2001-Epsilon at approximately 04:26:00. Video was captured at 30 frames per minute, with frames approximately every 33 milliseconds.

04:26:00:00 - Dr. P█████ is standing behind Zeta Controller. No abnormal activity present.

04:26:00:033 - Two unknown entities now exist in the middle of the room. Resolution is low but entities appear to be floating sycamore-seed shaped distortions. There are several spotlights illuminating them, but they still appear perfectly black on camera and cast large shadows, longer and more distorted than their shape would suggest.

04:26:00:066 - The entities are now in front of separate display panels. The entities appear to have opened previously unknown access hatches and are interacting with the interior hardware. Researchers begin to fall limp.

04:26:00:100 - An assortment of hardware is floating in the middle of the room where the entities first appeared. Hardware is believed to have originated from within the console interiors. Site Director F███████ is floating in a vaguely fetal position near the hardware.

04:26:00:133 - The entities and the hardware have vanished, and all display panels are shut. No further anomalous activity is recorded.

Final Note: After event 2001-Epsilon, all displays appear dead. Further attempts to interact with displays have proved fruitless. No further sightings or evidence of the anomalous entities or Site Director F███████ have been reported.

Document 2001-421: Summary of Event 2001-Omega