Item#: SCP-2006


Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The objects are to be contained within a 50m by 50m area.

SCP-2006 is only accessible by those with a level 2 or more clearance and authorized D-Class personnel. Any other personnel are to be withdrawn from the site with force.

Description: SCP-2006 is a 5m by 4m living room with two tables laden with fruit. Upon entering a 50m radius of the entity the subject (hereby referred to as SCP-2006-1) will begin to ehibit uncontrolable feeling of desire towards consuming SCP-2006. The closer SCP-2006-1 gets to SCP-2006 the more powerful the urge becomes until subject is 5m away at which point they will enter a euporic state at which higher brain functions seem to stall, and then delay. SCP-2006-1 will then choose, at random a piece of Fruit from SCP-2006. Upon having consumed the fruit SCP-2006-1's brain functions completely stop, resulting in a flatline. After a time period ranging from 1-2 minutes a red mist is visible coming from SCP-2006-1's pores. SCP-2006-1 is seen to rapidly shrink in size, at the same time the consumed fruit begin to appear in its original place by forming from a much darker red mist. SCP-2006-1 will shrink in size until the subject is the size of a piece of fruit, before mutating into this fruit. Upon SCP-2006-1 having completed its transformation SCP-2006 will have regained its missing piece of fruit.

Addendum: SCP-2006-1 is closed for testing since it began to exhibit the ability to produce juices. These juices seem to have morphing properties

Addendum 2: SCP-2006 and 2006-2 are open for testing since the juice began building SCP-2006-2 which is taking the form of a scrap book in the same living room.