Item #: SCP-179


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-179 must be contained in a 6x6 meter chamber with suitable lighting for a human. SCP-179 can be allowed out of is chamber from 5pm to 6pm under supervision of a Level 5 personnel. SCP-179 must not go near any other SCP's as their actions are extremely hostile towards SCP-179. SCP-179 is to be talked to at least twice a day, personnel must ask Level 4+ personnel to speak to SCP-179 when it is in its chamber. In case of a Containment Breach SCP-179 is to be evacuated to the closest site possible for temporary re-containment to keep it safe. SCP-179 is to be supervised by Level 3 plus personnel when SCP-179 is in its chamber to make sure it does not leave containment without permission. D-Class are not to be used on SCP-179 unless approved by O-5.

Description: SCP-179 has a human like appearance but made completely of stone, SCP-179 can move and talk, how is yet unknown. SCP-179 was found posing as a statue outside Winchester University in 2001 by Dr. Dilix on the 11th February. SCP-179 is friendly towards all personnel and speaks in a extremely calm tone and enjoys conversation as long as the personnel treats it fairly.