SCP 2067 draft
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SCP-2067 in its new containment.

Item #: SCP-2067

Object Class: safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2067 is to be kept in a locked concrete soundproof cell. A small enough panel is needed in order to slide it food and a small window completely made of SR 5096 glass material gated with iron bars. Any screams heard from its cell are to be reported directly to the site manager. Any lifeforms resembling SCP-2067 are to be tranquilized and either be put down and sent to cold storage or thrown in the incinerator by security staff depending on the orders from HMCL supervisor. It is to be fed only non organic materials 3 times a day. Its containment is to be cleaned by D-class personnel with riot suits so that no conflict is involved with SCP-2067. Subsequent to Incident 87, SCP-2067 must be restrained with a nozzle that is applied to its mouth and wear a strained jacket in a soundproof room if interviewed.

Description: SCP-2067 is an omnivorous bipedal humanoid tortoise with no shell of approximately 120 years of age and 40.64 cm tall and weighing in at only 11 kg. SCP-2067 is a Sapient being with the ability of speaking fluent English. Since it is able to lay eggs, the facility identify its gender as female. When tested first on D-class subject- ██, it appeared to be quite friendly and even grew a friendship with D-class subject- ██ ,and most staff as stated in D-Classes journal. (See below for D-Classes journal.)

SCP-2067, has the ability to eat any materials with out harming its self and can even receive sustenance from any material whether being biological or not. However, 3 hours after consumption of only organic material, SCP-2067 will lay a single egg. After 2 hours of the birth of the egg it would hatch into SCP-2067-A with biological traits of the organic material consumed by SCP-2067 . New SCP-2067s however, do not have the ability of reproduction like the original SCP-206. Over 6 new SCP-2067s have been recorded with in SCP-2067 container including one being made completely out of bones. All different forms of SCP-2067 have been thrown in the incinerator or have been put down and sent to cold storage in Site ██ for future studies due to the discovery of Dr. █████ , Dr.████, Dr. █████ , and many security members mutilated bodies found with many fatal bites with saliva of different SCP-2067s found during their autopsies.

It is currently unknown how SCP-2067 has the ability to reproduce asexually just by eating and how it even gives birth so quickly
- Dr.Shawn

Addendum: SCP-2067 was discovered on 6/27/1987 in █████████, California in an abandoned house with the bodies of the owners and their children discovered murdered with SCP-2067 screaming in the attic. When brought to the facility it has been discovered to be suffering from amnesia due to [DATA RESTRICTED]

After a day of SCP-2067 being moved to its new container it proceeded to emit a loud screech, louder from that heard when first discovered . It could be heard throughout the entire facility causing other SCPs to go in a state rampage however, were not able to breach containment within site ███ in ███████, New Mexico. After said incident it was discovered that SCP-2067 will emit a loud screech when starving.

Addendum SCP-2067-B: Interviews with SCP-2067

<Begin log>

Dr. Shawn: So what happened to the house where we found you, what happened to the family?
SCP-2067: I…I don’t remember…
Dr. Shawn: (Whispers into recorder) Subject must be suffering from amnesia due to [DATA RESTRICTED]
Dr. Shawn: What is it you can remember
SCP-2067: I only know that I wasn't allowed to eat anything that was not in the recycle bin
Dr. Shawn: Do you remember why ?
SCP-2067: No…I haven't the slightest clue
Dr. Shawn: (Whispers into recorder) (Incomprehensible)
Dr. Shawn: (Walks away from SCP-2067 and leaves room)
<End Log>

Addendum SCP-2067-C: Different SCP-2067 types encountered

SCP-2067-A: SCP-2067 ate a bones found in the garbage in the autopsy room which then created SCP-2067-A looking more like the skeleton of SCP-2067. The death of SCP-2067-A was caused by simply leaving it in cold storage to die of hypothermia in Site ██

SCP-2067-B: SCP-2067 ate a live rat thus creating SCP-2067-B with both traits of SCP-2067 and a rat. The death of SCP-2067-B was caused by injecting it with a lethal toxin and then sent to Site ██

SCP-2067-C: While in Dr. ███████ office, SCP-2067 at his small cactus on his desk. While giving birth to it SCP-2067 claims that “It hurts more going out than in”. When it hatched a cactus hybrid of SCP-2067 was born. The death of SCP-2067-C was caused by injecting it with a lethal toxin and then sent to Site ██

SCP-2067-D: While roaming around the facility SCP-2067 found a pet wolf spider in Dr. ███████ office. The first sighting of SCP-2067-D started many with its 8 legs and giant webs around the facilities. SCP-2067-E was the first to kill three personnel staff. The death of SCP-2067-D was caused by incineration.

SCP-2067-E: Out of all the things that SCP-2067 has eaten by far SCP-2067-E is the oddest of them all. After being feed a banana SCP-2067 gave birth to SCP-2067-E with a banana for a body and SCP-2067 arms and legs and a head sticking out of it. The death of SCP-2067-E was caused by incineration.

SCP-2067-F: After breaking into the experimental room contained with small animals SCP-2067 proceeded to eat a live bat. After the birth of SCP-2067-F it was discovered to have a wingspan of 6 feet wide. The death of SCP-2067-F was caused by injecting it with a lethal toxin and then sent to Site ██

SCP-2067-g: The only type of SCP-2067 that is allowed to live but only for experimental purposes. SCP-2067-G was created by SCP-2067 after eating a D-class thus creating SCP-2067-G with many disturbing traits of a human.

D-classes journal with SCP 2067


"SCP-2067 proceed to walk towards D-class subject- ██ calm and with easy indicating that it did not want to alarm and is pacifistic D-class subject- ██. SCP-2067 proceeded to ask D-class subject- ██ his name and why they are in here. D-class subject- ██ proceeded to speak with SCP-2067 and acted like old friends."