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Item#: 2898



Object class:keter

Special Containment Procedures:Due to SCP-2898’s destructive properties, no physical containment procedures are currently enforced. However, information regarding SCP-2898 must be suppressed from the public scientific community. All people that contain prohibited information regarding SCP-2898 must be registered no lower than Class-B anesthetics.

DescriptionSCP-2898 is a black hole like phenomenon that bears a plethora of eccentric properties located in the center of the Eridanus Supervoid. Unlike normal black holes, SCP-2898 does not have any gravitational pull, however affects all elementary particles. SCP-2898 has also been observed to be absent of Hawking Radiation, include a medium for sound despite the absence of atoms, and emit electromagnetic radiation with higher frequencies than gamma rays. Instead of being a singularity, the possibility that SCP-2898 is a portal to imaginary time, another dimension, or another universe has been proposed. It is important to note that SCP-2898 absorbs all radiation directed towards it (including photons from the visible spectrum) like a regular black hole, making its discovery by outside sources extremely unlikely. The radius of SCP-2898 grows at an estimated rate of ███ light years per second. This causes major physical breakdowns. Although SCP-2898 will take hundreds of thousands of years to approach earth, it's detrimental effects to the fabric of space time will affect earth in a few centuries.

Note: A senior researcher that helped calculate SCP-2898's properties committed suicide due to stress on ██/██/████.