SCP- 2165

[[tab >Clearance level 4 Required<]]

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Entry 1, recorded at [DATA REDACTED]

Oh, you messed up, did you? Well, I don't care. Let me work.

… Money? How much?

Fine kid, but take it from me, you could be fired and mind-wiped for bribing a fellow coworker.

Let's see what you did… Ah. Well, there's not much I can do about that. Those people aren't going to magically reanimate if I tell them to. But really, a whole town? Forget getting kicked out, that's termination. How do we explain that? Terrorist attack? Earthquake?

The best you can do right now is leave before the O-5s hear about this.

Yeah, it's possible to hide from the Foundation. Need an example? Dr. Alto Clef did it for a while. But you, well, you're not him. Listen, what you need to do is disappear. Hide in an underdeveloped country, start a low level business like farming, and if an anomoly shows up on your doorstep, run like hell before the Foundation comes to retrieve it. Wipe all records if necessary.

Yeah, get going. Hopefully, I won't see you again.

Entry 2, recorded at [DATA EXPUNGED].

What are you still doing here? I told you to get lost, lay low, just leave!

… Listen, I'd help, but as I said, I'm working. Since Pat left, we've been having technical issues all over the site. Not because Rosen isn't good, it's just that we seem to have a robot uprising on our hands. Not to mention that we have a group of transfers from Site-77 coming in soon.

You still want to work with anomolies? Haven't you learned your lesson? You had your chance, and you fucked up, bad.

No, don't go and join a G.O.I, that's just being stupid. The Foundation will find you much faster there.

Well, I don't know, okay? Go bother someone else.