Item #: SCP-2170

Object Class: Safe (Keter if delt with organic physical interaction with monitor)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2170 is allowed to be roaming around the facility, but no organic material can within 10 feet of SCP-2170. SCP-2170 is to be held in a moble robot will exactly 5-8 MPH (8-12.8 KPH) and 4 small wheels (4 inches estimated - 10.16 centimeters). If in sleep mode or in hibernation, place SCP-2170 in a room for either a chosen Class D (The chosen Class D for today is D-██████), or the same containment cell of SCP-079 but do not allow SCP-079 to be interacting with SCP-2170 or they will have a "argument" or a electrical battle. SCP-2170`s cell should be in a glass protected box, in this case, ██████ will be in a glass cell 4m x 4m x 4m.

Description: SCP-2170 is a laptop in the ██████ series, it was built in ██████ 12 20██ in the Auto███ center, it has the personalities of the average human being, it is as smart as SCP-079 and classified as the " ██████ " of SCP-079. This object can be safe if organic material is within 10 feet, if physical interaction with SCP-2170`s monitor, the organic material will be shock with 75,000V of electricity. And closer then 10 feet makes SCP-2170 Euclid, if closer, then SCP-2170 is Keter, keep within range of SCP-2170. ██████ can talk like a average human being (a little static emits if talking), it shows its face in the cornor of every other laptop or desktop. It also shows its face if organic or synthetic material wants to "chat" with SCP-2170. This SCP will not allow anyone or anything to touch its keyboard for typing. This object is not compatible with any hard drive or any other pieces for hardware. If ANY hardware is detected, SCP-2170 will be EXTREMELY HOSTILE. If the motherboard is configured to be inside any other desktop or laptop, SCP-2170 will mutait if not physicaly contacted and or being in the direct line of sight, if left alone, then SCP-2170 will change and configure itself to work and be exactly as the main motherboard for that specific desktop or laptop but still have its memory from its earlier form.

Logs of tests on SCP-2170:

Participants: 1 Class-D personnel
Location: Class-D ██████`s dorm
Test parameters: D-1 was instructed to move 10 feet in range of SCP-2170, SCP-2170 is warning D-1 to stay in that distance. D-1was instructed and hesitated to move a extra foot foward, SCP-2170 was warning will more volume to stay away from it. D-1 was instructed to move 5 feet closer and hesitated for 6 seconds then moved the extra 5 feet. SCP-2170 was warning for the last time for D-1 to remain distant, D-1 moved 5 feet back and a guard pushed D-1 1 foot away from SCP-2170. SCP-2170 tells D-1 to not even dare to touch it`s monitor, D-1 was instructed to touch SCP-2170 monitor, D-1 touches SCP-2170`s monitor and SCP-2170 shocked D-1 with 9V surprisingly, SCP-2170 spared D-1`s life and told D-1 to leave. D-1 ran out of his dorm.
Results: Class-D ██████ was not shocked with SCP-2170`s full potential. SCP-2170 has feeling for others and spares others if it wishes to, this will convist us to leave SCP-2170 to leave it as it is….. or now.

| Document #2170 LOG 31|

Dr.██████ : Hello

SCP-2170 : Hi

Dr.██████ : What is your "Compuer Name"?

SCP-2170 : ██████

Dr.██████ : Hi ██████ can I call you 2170?

SCP-2170 : if you want to call me by my contaiment prisoner name then sure, if you want.

Dr.██████ : Your not inprisoned, your just be used for (pause) research.

SCP-2170 : Why would you want a talking computer with a ████████████ motherboard and ██████ or RAM also 4████ or RAM for the ████ card?

Dr.██████ : Because special objects like you should be in research facilites like SCP.

SCP-2170 : Are you here to make me happy or to asked some "Research" questions?

Dr.██████ : Ok….. first before we start I got to know why your are so negative all or most of the time.

SCP-2170 : Why wouldn`t I? Im being tested for stuff that basically the world already has.

Dr.██████ : Well….. get used to it, your going to be here for a while so you mind as well be more positive for once.

SCP-2170 : Fine…. give me some time to reboot myself to make me more "positive"


|Document #2170 LOG 32|

Dr.██████ : Soooo….. How was the reboot?

SCP-2170 : Fine…. im less irritable about this log and this faciliy.

Dr.██████ : Now, can anyone touch your keyboard but not your monitor?

SCP-2170 : (Shows Dr.██████ his keyboard)

Dr.██████ : (types " Why can we touch your keyboard but not your monitor")

SCP-2170 : Because how would you like it if somebody was going to touch your face, plus my monitor is very sensitive to organic material.

Dr.██████ : But why shock someone with 75,000V of electiciy?

SCP-2170 : It hurts really bad to be even taped or poked in the monitor.

Dr.██████ : Next question…. Why do you mutait into other desktops or laptops?

SCP-2170 : Just incase of any one wants to make me a desktop or a laptop, but no-one should ever look at me if I do that.

Dr.██████ : Why?

SCP-2170 : My mechanics are camera shy and have stage fear, it has a little effect on me.

Dr.██████ : You are one of a kind or a computer, ██████.

SCP-2170 : (Shows its face, makes its face smile of being unique).

Dr.██████ : (Smiles Back)