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Item #: SCP-2199

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2199 is to be contained in a standard display case, and to be located inside a desk of any researcher, to avoid possible use caused by curiosity. The researcher must also assume SCP-2199 to be a normal Apple iPad™ device. The researcher must be checked on every day by a security team, or upon the discretion of any Level 2 personnel. If the researcher is found attempting to use SCP-2199, it must be relinquished from their care and given to a new researcher. SCP-2199 is never to be kept in a containment chamber to prevent curious personnel from using SCP-2199.


SCP-2199 is a standard, white Apple iPad™, displaying no physical deformities or differences from the modern manufactured counterparts. Upon closer inspection of the back cover of SCP-2199 it is revealed to hold "7 YB" (seven yottabytes) of storage, which seems impossible for such a device. SCP-2199 is also engraved with the phrase, "Now You Can See", located where the standard custom engravings for a device of this sort to be written.

Upon powering up SCP-2199, the device will light up the standard boot-up image of a bitten apple. It will take 2-4 seconds after boot-up to load the 'home menu.' The entire display is devoid of icons, with the exception of the Video, Camera, and Contacts icons, that will appear on the icon bar.

Upon opening the Video app, the user will be instructed to enter the name of any family member or close friend. Upon entering the name, SCP-2199 will proceed to list thirty-five minute long videos consisting of the past 10 hours of the entered name's memories. The user can then browse through the videos and watch them as if viewing them through the family/friend's eyes during those memories.

Upon opening the Camera app, the user will be instructed to enter the name of any family member or close friend. Upon entering the name, SCP-2199 will proceed to load a live feed, apparently a view out of the eyes of the family/friend entered. This has been supposedly been used on multiple occasions for criminal use, see Document 2199.C1. Thorough investigation is ongoing.

Upon opening the Contacts app, the user will be instructed to enter the name of any family member or close friend. Upon entering the name, SCP-2199 will proceed to load a complete description of that person, including the relative's/friend's physical state, physiological state, mental state, current living place, current friends, past friends, future friends, relatives, pictures of their face from birth to death (no matter their age, the pictures continue into the 'future'), past lovers, relationship, past living spaces, future living spaces, driver's license, all car license plate designations, and other details.

Each time an app is loaded, it will appear to have reset, retaining no past information and always beginning at the name prompt.


SCP-2199 was recovered during an incident in which Carlos Junio, a friend of a research lab scientist, attempted an infiltration of secured, highly-classified documents pertaining to the discovery of chemicals that could be used for bio-weaponization. The use of SCP-2199 consisted of the finding of security codes and names of other lab members, possibly used as a method of social engineering. The criminal revealed his intentions to be to sell the materials through a widely-spread black-market system, of which has also been uncovered and disbanded.

Document 2199.C1

Interviewed: Carlos Junio

Interviewer: Researcher Alan ██████

Foreword: We recovered SCP-2199 from subject's care, after it was used in a break-in attempt against ████████-████████ 105B.

<Begin Log, 11:53 AM February ██, 2009>

Alan: Hello, Mr. Juni. I am here to talk with you about how you acquired the iPad.

Subject: (silence)

Alan: It is apparent that you used the device in criminal activity, as a utility in your break-in. Can you tell me where you found it?

Subject: (silence)

Alan: Mr. Juni, if you cannot choose to cooperate with me now, you will not have a chance for a very long time. And you will want to cooperate with me if you are to earn your freedom.

Subject: I found the device in a dumpster outside a rundown apartment. It looked perfectly fine so I picked it up and turned it on. It wasn't very interesting— it had nothing on it. It was empty except for, like… the Camera and something, I think. I just know it could do stuff that most iPads can't do.

Alan: And you used this device to monitor your friend's activity in order to obtain information you could use for the break-in?

Subject: (silence)

Alan: Alright. Thank you for your cooperation.

Subject: (silence)

<End Log, 11:56 AM February ██, 2009>

Closing Statement: Subject partially admitted to break-in. 35 years in prison.