Item #: SCP-2223

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2223 is to be kept on Site 08 within the confines of Security Box ███. With the exception of research purposes, SCP-2223 is to be sheathed within a sixteen (16) by sixteen (16) centimeter pincushion. The pincushion's integrity should be inspected on a bi-annual basis. Personnel who wish to handle SCP-2223 require the written permission of Lead Researcher Dr. ████████.

Addendum: Due to recent misconduct among the Foundation's leadership staff, Dr. ████████ will no longer be participating in the research of SCP-2223. The Lead Researcher role has been transferred to Dr. Vos effective immediately. Refer to 2223-I2

- Site Director Beatrice Rwamirama

Researchers are encouraged to limit physical handling of SCP-2223 directly. Tasks of direct contact should be relegated to remote-operated robots or D-Class personnel. If direct interaction is required when handling SCP-2223, researchers are required to wear three (3) centimeter thick insulated protective glove-wear that meet no less than Grade 5 Safety Standards.

Description: SCP-2223 appears to be an unremarkable seven and a half (7.5) centimeter long bone needle. The tip tapers into an exceedingly sharp point that measures ██ micrometers in diameter. The bone material that the item is comprised of has been analyzed, and has been determined to have originated from ████████████ ███████. This by itself is worthy of note due to the creature being extinct for at least ███ million years. Decommissioned files have been reopened for analysis, and past and current findings are to be referred to file SCP-████-01 [ACCESS DENIED. FILE RESTRICTED. SECURITY LEVEL 3-2223 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED FOR ACCESS].

The point of SCP-2223 is capable of piercing most surface materials including, but not limited to: Rubber, Flesh, Bone, Wood, Stone, Iron, Steel, Platinum, and Diamond.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2223 appear when the point pierces living tissue. After contact with the tip is made past the epidermis, the cells of the tissue begin to transform around the affected area. Through a process not fully understood by researchers, the affected tissue begin to change into various colourful sewing thread fibers. The fibers match the thickness and density of the replaced tissue, replacing all living matter in the area within a matter of hours. This includes skin, muscles, ligaments, bone, circulatory and nervous systems, and even bodily fluids. All are converted into thread fibers matching its replaced matter in location and function. It is not fully understood how [DATA REDACTED] given that the properties of the replacement fibers do not (or at least should not) offer the same organic value of the tissue and fluids it has replaced. The colours of the fibers do not seem to hold any specific meaning or attribute.

This process spreads from the area at a rate that varies depending on the size and weight of the subject. Conversion continues until the entirety of the subject is comprised of the new materials. Refer to the Experiment Logs for details on organic conversion rates.

SCP-2223 was first discovered inside of a box containing similar bone needles in an abandoned ██████ retailer in ██████, ██. Analysis of the others indicated they originated from Bos taurus, and held no anomalous properties. The abandoned building was housing other anomalous items that have since been contained and cataloged. For a full list of the collected items, refer to [ACCESS DENIED. FILE RESTRICTED. SECURITY LEVEL 4-2223 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED FOR ACCESS]. City records indicated that the property had been approved for construction in 19██, but no name had been signed with the land's lease. One elderly resident claimed to have seen a freighter truck parked in the building's front parking lot for an extended period of time sometime in 19██. The resident recalled the name on the side of the truck was marked 'The Factory - Life's Little Surprises'. It was assumed that the truck was moving items in or out of the building, though no individuals were ever seen in or around the vehicle or inside of the building. Class-A amnesiacs were administered where appropriate. The property was seized and the building has been torn down and replaced with a Foundation front operation.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2223 were discovered by Agent J████ during a routine urban investigation. Agent J████ was distracted by other artifacts while she was handling SCP-2223, during which time the point of the needle penetrated her right index finger. J████ complained of numbness in her right hand to the responding containment team, but attributed it to the effects of one or more artifacts that were improperly handled. Agent J████ followed quarantine protocol and was transferred to Site ██ for physical evaluation. About one hour into her transit, Agent J████ was alarmed and notified the medical team that green stitching had appeared around her right index finger. The path of the stitching seemed to follow along the path of affected blood vessels. Agent J████ claimed that these thread fibers had not been present mere moments before. Blood, skin, and hair samples were taken before arrival and were passed on to quarantine staff for analysis. By the time Agent J████ was handed off to quarantine staff, the entirety of her right index finger had been completely engulfed in multicoloured thread fibers. No flesh was visible above the first knuckle.

Onsite medical personnel began an immediate evaluation on Agent J████, but were unable to verify the cause of the anomaly. By this time, she had been infected for almost three hours. The spread of infection had nearly reached the agent’s wrist, and showed no signs of slowing its encroachment. Out of desperation, Agent J████ suggested the removal of her arm halfway to the elbow. After some consultation with Dr. ████████, the medical staff agreed.

[Data Expunged]

After all life signs had become unreadable, the medical staff was ordered to transfer Agent J████ over to research teams. The agent has since been reclassified as SCP-2223-A.