SCP-2308 - Sue Mary

This thing could change the way we deal with type greens, I'm authorizing to test it in the field and have regular experiments. It could save millions of innocent lives and help us find the secrets to further defend ourselves from those freaks. - Dr. Jekyll

Item #: SCP-2308

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2308 is to be contained at in a Seven(7) Meter by Seven (7) Meter by Seven (7) Meter room, with a daily meal schedule of three times a day. Oceanic sounds and meditation music are to be played on a Record Player. The Oceanic sounds keep SCP-2308's in a calm state, ensuring the safety of all the site personnel assigned to it. SCP-2308 should be provided with a variety of literature every four months. Under No circumstances should a Type Green be within two miles within SCP-2308.

** Description:** SCP-2308 is a Bald, Caucasian Male ██ years of age, with various stitches and scar marks all over its body. Looking highly malnourished, and almost skeletal in appearance. SCP-2308 is rather friendly and submissive to all staff it comes in contact with. SCP-2308 seems to enjoy interacting to anyone, and often requests a singular person to talk to. SCP-2308 has an atomic and cellular structure with nothing like it recorded before. SCP-2308 seems to be immune to "Reality Shifts", this includes it not being effected physically, mentally, or even if its own timeline is attempted to be changed. SCP-2308 abilities make it a subject of discussion upon Dr. J███ and Dr. H██ for use of SCP-2308 on other "Type Green" SCP's. SCP-2308 Shows faint signs of telekinesis, and communicates through weak Psychic means, due to its mouth being pulled together by stitches and burned shut. SCP-2308's Cellular Structure is being researched currently for use of being applied to a future MTF unit. SCP-???? was found at [REDACTED] after massive events of activity were detected by SCP-███. (See Addendum-2308-1)

MTF Tau-9 and MTF Eta-5 were dispatched from Site-▐▌, due to how close by the site was to the location the disturbance was detected. Upon reaching the location of the disturbance, unit Tau 6 went in further out separate from the rest of his MTF unit in the area to investigate. After approximately 12 seconds, SCP-???? was seen thrown at a high velocity skyward through a wormhole to [REDACTED], with various wounds on it. It was then followed by a Type Green.
MTF Tau-9-1 Captain ██████ "Boss" : Tau-6, what do you see?
MTF Tau-9-6 "Quickie": Not much, boss. Just sand, sand, and more sand. Got a little bit of a Sand hill here.
MTF Tau-9-1 Captain ██████ "Boss" :Stop messing around, Keep looking. I don't want to have missed [REDACTED] for nothin'.
MTF Tau-9-6 "Quickie": Yeah yeah yeah… Roger that, Bo— Bwoa sh—!!!
MTF Tau-9-1 Captain ██████ "Boss" :Tau-6, what is your situation!?
MTF Tau-9-6 "Quickie": I'm fine, I'm fine… what the…!? I see these two guys fly out from no where… wait a second, is that [REDACTED]!? I see [REDACTED]!

MTF Tau-9-1 Captain ██████ "Boss" : Tau-6 what is happening?
MTF Tau-9-6"Quickie": The Second guy just… what? He opened a hole through the sand to… How did… Sir, I think we're dealing with another Type Green. He's tearing open holes and throwing another guy through the— wow, he just made the guy fall twenty feet from a hole.
*No response from Tau-9-1 for 14.2 seconds*
MTF Tau-9-6 "Quickie": Boss?
MTF Tau-9-1 Captain ██████ "Boss" : Tau-6, I just sent word to Eta-5-1. Eta-5-4, 5-3 and 5-5 are headed your way, keep yourself clear from their sight.
MTF Tau-9-6 "Quickie": Roger that, Bo-, I think they… Oh God, one of them see me. I-

MTF Tau-6's Communication set stopped functioning at this time, as Eta5-4, 3 and 5 are being tracked via GPS satellite. They arrived to MTF Tau-9-6's location, where MTF Tau-9-6 was laying, being tended to by the now specified SCP-2308. Eta-5-4, 3 and 5 draw their weapons at SCP-2308.

*Subject begins to stand up with its hands raised*
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": Chief, we got… Something, what are your orders?
Eta-5-1 Captain ███ "Chief": What is it?
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": Looks like a… What the [EXPLETIVE] is that… is that a man? It looks like it's been cut open a few… Hundred, times and put back together.
Eta-5-1 Captain ███ "Chief": This might be our target, bring it in.
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": Hands behind your head, you're coming with us.
*SCP-2308 appears to stand up and look at Eta-5-3.*
SCP-2308: Hello.
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": What the… Chief, you hearing this?
Eta-5-1 Captain ███ "Chief": Negative, what is it?
SCP-2308: Please, Stay calm.
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": Boss, it can talk. It shows no hostility so far—
*SCP-2308 reveals a severed head from behind itself.*
Eta-5-5"Tank": What the [EXPLETIVE]… Sir, it seems to be holding a… recently, severed head.
Eta-5-1 Captain ███ "Chief": If it shows any hostility, do not hesitate to shoot it.
SCP-2308: Please, do not be afraid, I was just doing what was needed.
Eta-5-4 "Gunslinger": Don't make us tell you again, put your hands up and drop the head!

SCP-2308 was then secured without any resistance nor any hostility. SCP-2308 was met with Eta-5-1, Eta-5-1 explained its presence as "A Chill down the spine", due to how the SCP appears.
Upon arrival of the facility and its containment cell, SCP-2308 simply sat down with its legs crossed and its eyes closed. It stayed in this position for approximately 02H:31M:29S before it requested the following:

- A queen sized three meter by two meter bed. Accepted.
- An Entertainment console. Declined.
-A Television with limited cable. Accepted.
- Reading Material. Accepted.
- New clothing, including Pajama's and outdoor clothing. Accepted.
- A Record Player with Oceanic records. Accepted.
- An MP3 Player with calming music. Accepted.
- Various tools. Declined.
- A Katana. Declined.
- A Smithy. Declined.

SCP-2308 never spoke to personnel until its first interview. (See Interview ????-1)

Interview 2308-1

*Dr. H██ enters the containment room, with a clipboard, pen, and tape recorder to record the following:*
Dr. H██: Recording… is this… is this on? The Light is on. It's good… Hello, SCP-????. Can you understand what I'm saying?
SCP-2308: (indistinct muffled mumbling coming from SCP-????'s mouth.)
Dr. H██: SCP-????, I can't understand you, what are you trying to say?
SCP-2308: (A low toned "growl" can be heard from SCP-????'s throat.)
Dr. H██: MTF Eta-5 reported you could talk, now you can either talk, or you can sit here, assume you're brain dead, and I can go have a little "Chat" with Eta—

  • Dr. H██ then pauses for five seconds, her eyes widen and her pulse increases. SCP-2308 stares into Dr. H██'s eyes.*

Dr. H██: I'm going to write down what you're saying, please bear with me.
(The Following was written transcript of what Dr. H██ explained to be "a Psychic link" in order for SCP-???? to communicate with Dr. H██ :)
SCP-2308: Oh, it's fine, doctor. I have time to spare.
Dr. H██: I see… I just, I'm not used to hearing voices in my head.
(SCP-2308 is seen to do a kind of "Chuckling" sound with its throat.)
SCP-2308: I apologize, doctor. Shall we proceed? Or do you need to get your bearings?
Dr. H██: I'm fine, let's proceed. Question One: How were you able to get to the desert and [REDACTED], we read various disturbances in those two areas before the time MTF Eta-5 and Tau-9 retrieved you.
SCP-2308: Ah, you must be new to this whole… "concept"… did your so called "MTF" tell you about that person's head? I cut it off. He was the one tearing open Unnatural holes in the beautiful canvas of the Universe.
Dr. H██: Unnatural? What do you mean Unnatural?
SCP-2308: Oh, dear Doctor. I do not believe you know who these pests to mankind and the universe are, do you? I like to call them a Cancer. They think themselves as God when they can be killed easier than an Ant to a Boot. Their abilities are unnatural and need to be suppressed, if not willingly, then forcefully.
Dr. H██:So… you're talking about reality benders?
SCP-2308: Is that what you call them? Makes sense. Only monsters would bend such a beautiful gift… Reality.
Dr. H██:Why are you so hostile towards these Reality Benders?
*SCP-2308 stands up and takes a single finger to point to its scars. SCP-????'s eyes begin to widen, as its heartbeat begins to elevate.*
SCP-2308: This, Doctor. This is what those Monsters did to me.
Dr. H██: SCP-2308, please take your seat so we can continue.
*SCP-2308 begins to pace around, with its hands over its head. It seems to be in a distressed state.*
SCP-2308: Doctor, the reason you cannot hear me, the reason I can't interact with other humans because they'll run at the sight of me, is because of those monsters.

  • Dr. H██ reports the Voice through the "Psychic link" becomes deeper, and much more vocal. In an angered state.*

Dr. H██:SCP-2308, please calm down, we aren't done.
SCP-2308: Doctor, if you were in my shoes, then you would do the same. You would hunt down every single Atrocity, after what [DATA EXPUNGED] has done to humanity.
Dr. H██: SCP-2308, who is [DATA EXPUNGED]
*SCP-2308 stops pacing. It slowly walks towards Dr. H██ and places its hand on the review table.*
SCP-2308: Who is [DATA EXPUNGED], my good Doctor?
*SCP-2308 is seen chuckling*
SCP-2308: [DATA EXPUNGED] is more savage than the Devil, [DATA EXPUNGED] is more widespread than the Black Plague. [DATA EXPUNGED] will consume all of us within a short matter of time unless someone does something.
Dr. H██: SCP-2308, Who. Is. [DATA EXPUNGED]?
SCP-2308: … Tell me, doctor, have you ever read Greek Mythology?
Dr. H██:SCP-2308, Stop avoiding the question, who is—

  • Dr. H██ seems to go into a trance for twenty minutes. Dr. Je██ is seen speaking into the built in speaker system. Approximately ten minutes, twenty-four seconds afterwards, Dr. H██ is seen screaming, and is then released from the trance, and proceeds to exit the containment cell in a panicked state.*


Dr. H██ is seen running out of the containment chamber. Shaking.

This thing shouldn't be classified as "Human"… it's lost most of its humanity by killing more innocents than those guilty in very… Brutal, ways. Can we even call it "Human"? There are a lot more type greens out there then I could ever imagine, and it has a deep hatred for them all. Even the children. It put things in my mind… things I'm going to have trouble forgetting while trying to fall asleep tonight. The thing that horrified me the most, however, was [DATA EXPUNGED], and how it made SCP-2308 what it is today. If [DATA EXPUNGED] exists, then what other creatures like it are out there? [DATA EXPUNGED] and its "Experiments" need to be hunted down and contained as soon as possible, this… thing, SCP-2308, is… I have no idea if it's evil, or just resentful. It justifies its actions as to its killings of various type greens as a "Disease". I recommend we issue SCP-2308 to psychiatric therapy. It CANNOT find SCP-███, if any of us who get in its way if it finds SCP-███ is in the facility, we're screwed.
Although this thing shouldn't be let out, I suggest we use SCP-2308 for anything related to [DATA EXPUNGED] and any Type Green targets. SCP-2308 is probably our only source of information to [DATA EXPUNGED]. We need to keep SCP-2308 under close surveillance. This is not a request, this is me telling you to do something.
- Dr. H██ to Dr. Jekyll