Doctor Shock
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SCP-2571 in it's containment chamber.

Item #: SCP-2571

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-2571 is to be contained in a small room, being electric shocked at all possible moments. When personnel enter SCP-2571's container, any chosen amount of people may enter for testing with the door locked behind them. SCP-2571's shocker must be checked before all tests and in the possibility that it is inactive all air vents and entrances/exits or any other areas that lead to other rooms must be blocked immediately.

Description: Moved to Site-19 1972. Date and area of capture is currently unknown. SCP-2571 is a tesla coil light bulb charged by two electric shockers and is inanimate and safe to hold. When held SCP-2571 emits a larger glow and has chances to strobe. Subjects affected by SCP-2571 report that after long exposure to the light they have heavily impaired vision but after longer time with it subjects say that "they don't even need to blink". Subjects that strobe serve a worse fate as those personnel say that it caused multiple seizures and eventually a heart attack, cancer, asthma, or any other dangerous diseases. Tests have shown that it will judge the holder and the chances of strobe will increase depending on what the subject has done throughout his/hers life

When shockers inactive, SCP 2571 will emit high levels of electricity proven to be fatal, these electric shocks travel through the air but can not go through solid matter.

Addendum: One month exposure to SCP-2571 has shown to have the subject instantly die. No more tests have been performed with SCP-2571 since.