SCP-XXXX "The Cosmic Ark"

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in its original box found at its discovery site and to be sheltered in the Research and Development Laboratory █████ in Site-██ under the care of the site's personnel. Level 2-3 approval is required for the use of SCP-XXXX. In the event of prior activity, SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2 are not to be acted upon in any way until the internal temperature of both devices has reached 25°C or below.


SCP-XXXX-1's launch at ██/██/2005. Notice the disappearing blue streak on the sky.

Description: SCP-2785 is a set, composed of a object resembling a toy spaceship (designated as SCP-XXXX-1) and a collection of equipment. The equipment, which consists of a small "docking station" (designated as SCP-XXXX-2) that has a USB connector & power plug, and a "control laptop" (designated as SCP-XXXX-3). SCP-2785-1 is colored mostly silver, having a length of 30 cm, and a height of 8cm. SCP-XXXX-2 a small 50x50 cm area complete with a launch pad, a mini "control center" tower (which serves as its "antenna" for communication transmission for SCP-2785-1 and SCP-2785-2) and a number of small silver buildings (See Addendum XXXX-1 and Addendum XXXX-3 for more information about SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX-2, and SCP-XXXX-3).

If the set of requirements and procedures are performed in a correct order and form (See Addendum 2785-2), SCP-2785-1 will produce a low-pitched frequency with a low decibel count similar to a jet startup that continuously increases in volume. At the same time SCP-XXXX-1's back thrusters will begin to glow bright blue and starting to emit [DATA EXPUNGED] (alternatively called "Warp Fuel") which contact with human skin is extremely lethal (exposure will cause melting of skin and bone instantaneously. Agent ██████ lost his ring finger on one accidental instance). SCP-2785-2 will also position and aim itself to the target.

After approximately 30 seconds, a wormhole (identified and designated by some Foundation Researchers as a Einstein-Rosen bridge It takes form of a light blue circle, and has a area almost identical to that of SCP-XXXX-1's) aimed at the targeted star/planet, will be created 5 miles ahead of SCP-2785-1 (forms on the outer levels of the Mesosphere) and SCP-XXXX-1 will rapidly launch and proceed to enter the said "wormhole" (This wormhole was observed using SCP-XXXX-1 front view), thus initiating its "Warp Jump" (researchers cannot yet determine what part of or how SCP-XXXX-1 creates this "wormhole"). SCP-XXXX-1 will also leave a slightly thin, short-lived blue streak on traveling. Traveling time can take on 2-5 minutes depending on the distance of the target, but reaching it is guaranteed.

After reaching the targeted star/planet, it will slow down to a speed which is near the speed of light, allowing a considerable speed for observation of the target planet/star. The GUI of SCP-XXXX-3 will then switch to the camera views of SCP-XXXX-1. The GUI will then display 'Visiting Mission' at the bottom left of the screen.

Users can change from front, wings, side, stern and top view in which the user can freely rotate a small camera that will emerge when the user is "visiting" another planet. This camera will retract into SCP-XXXX-1 if the user initiated another "warp jump". The user is also allowed of free control of SCP-XXXX-1's movement and speed (it should be detailed that certain speeds can affect the energy consumption, with the highest visiting speed consuming 4% of energy every hour while SCP-XXXX-1 is active). User may control any "landing" sequence via controls found at the right corner of the screen of SCP-XXXX-3. If the planet is a Gas Giant (gaseous planet), it will just hover inside the planet. One notable behavior of SCP-XXXX-1 is that it will automatically avoid any obstacles in its way (Further analysis on SCP-XXXX-1 shows it has a advanced "countermeasure" systems). The interference of SCP-XXXX-3 also provides details of the planet/star the spaceship is "visiting" (found at the left corner of the screen of SCP-XXXX-3).

Users of SCP-XXXX can set another destination while visiting a planet/star. After another 30 seconds, SCP-XXXX-1 will initiate another "Warp Jump" to another planet/star (it should be noted that SCP-XXXX-1 leaves the proximity of the previous planet to initiate another warp jump). In this instance, the wormhole will this time form 1m in front of the craft. A warp jump will consume 5% of its energy. Users can force SCP-2785-1 to end its "Visiting Mission" by utilizing the "End Mission Now" option located on the lower right portion of the GUI on SCP-2785-3. In the event that there is not a sufficient amount of power left to fuel SCP-2785-1's return, SCP-2785-1 will utilize a backup power supply.

SCP-2785 was found at ██████, Norway at ██/██/2002. The origins or purpose of SCP-2785 is currently unknown, but investigators had a lead of a Daron ███████, a former astronomer on Norway who went missing 2 days before the discovery of SCP-2785. He was also known to be a [REDACTED] before being a astronomer. Its purpose is suggested by the researchers of the Foundation as "seeing planets for possibilities of supporting life" or "…sightseeing planets and stars in a new perspective".

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