Scp-2628 "D-class"

#:object class euclid keter

special containment procedures

Scp-2628 is to be contained in a 15 by 30 ft cell with two Windows in the safe scp containment area with four cameras with real time feed combined with high quality audio at each corner with two guards with stranded containment loadout's
scp-2628 is to be contained in a keter classcontainment cell

with two bullet proof Windows with air tight seals
The containment cell is to be monitored 24/7
the with a miniature ventilation shaft thats not connected I with with the rest of the site
And has the ability to pump air born amnesiac
the door is to be reinforced with steel bars
and food should only be issued by the one way slot in the wall
two heavily armed guards will be posted by the door.
if scp 2628 does escape protocol cb-8/26 should be put into affect and a task force specializing in anomalous humanoids should be assigned to recontain scp 2628


Scp 2628 is a Caucasian male about average height wearing a standard d-class outfit
is to be given anything he asks for Within reasonif his privileges aren't revoked
scp-2628 in itself is anomalous
scp-2628 possess an almost omniscient knowledge of the near future as it is able to (for a lack of a better term) acutely predict the future
as is demonstrated in its escape attempts.
Scp 2628 describes its knowledge as " a repeating course that restarts itself if I die" which indicates a possible ability to control a timeline
As if that wasn't enough scp 2628 single handedly escaped the containment breach and eventual destruction if site-19.
It was also able to survive multiple encounters with several keter class scp's such as scp 012 049 090 173 372 970 and 1048 scp 2628
should not come in contact with any of the scps
-unless with authorized by o-5 personal- at all
(see incident log 1)
the subject also evaded the 9 tails task force until his capture at gate a.
Do to his knowledge about the future has made several traditional ways of neutralization fail.
One incident included scp 2628 dodging a point blank round which is almost impossible
there fore it is believed that over the course of its "timeline" it has somehow developed super human levels of reflexes.
Scp 2628 has made multiple escape attempts with varied success
if scp-2628 try's to escape its privileges will be revoked for three months.
Along with super human reflexes scp-2628 is a basically a genius who can discuss (when he wants to) discuss theoretical physics with even our top researchers on a equal level.

interview 1

Dr(blank) enters the room and sits down
scp 2628 or "subject" is handcuffed to the table and stairs blankly at dr(blank)
"Hello 2628 how are we doing today?"
The subject continues to stare. A slight tightness in the subjects jaw appears and his eyes narrow a small amount.
dr(blank) continues seemingly unfazed
"judging by that look your not that happy"
the subjects hands balled into fists and tightened to the point of shaking.
Dr(blank) is visibly intimidated After 33 seconds the behavior ceases.
The subject exhaled deeply and finally speaks
(note at this point the subjects has only spoken twice so this was an momentous occasion)
deep and semi sarcastic tone
"well dr(blank) this is what our"
he drags out the word our while looking up into the right indicating he is accessing the visual memory part of his mind
then says in the same tone
"what the six or seventh time meeting each other?"
(Note this is the first interview with the subject)
dr(blank) seemed to be taken aback by this indicated by the slight drop in his jaw
but continued nevertheless his voice at a higher pitch
"judging by your file 26"
the subject interrupted
"just call me rick"
dr(blank) cleared his throat loudly and continued with a bit of annoyance in his voice
"well Rick"
putting emphasis on rick
"your file indicates that you have a certain…"
dr(blank) made a show of seemingly searching for the right words "omnipotence"
subject or rick scoffed
"eh call it what you want dr(blank)"
Intern said *"well see thats the thing were not sure-"*
at that point the subject began to speak in unison with dr(blank)
"If your capable with it" when dr(blank) finished the subject continues
" yadda yadda I know I know"
again the doctor was taken aback this time it was subtler but he continued
"im impressed but that doesn't prove anything"before he could Finnish his sentence the subject interrupted again
this time his charismatic/sarcastic deminer changed
his expression turned from a blank stair to a dangerous smirk and said
"listen doctor(blank) or should say young"
the subject voice was calm but had an edge to it.
Then the the subject said
"now the guard outside has been poisoned by his friend and three seconds it will take affect".
Dr young have been panicking and started stuttering
"I… I dont know what your talking about"
one of the guards out side began to choke and falls on the ground.
the subject started talking
"you know this chat was fun and all but im getting a bit annoyed"
his voice got lower
an audible click came from the subject
as he unlocked his hand cuffs with a hair clip he smuggled in he began to rise he said in a low voice
"since you know"
dr young began banging on the door and trying in vain to open it
the subject continued speaking
"Your the one who took me from my family and put me in this freak show"
at that point the camera feed went out the room was gassed with an airborne tranquilizer

Dr young was found with his nose caved In and blood streaming from it he there was an investigation launched and it was discovered that it was indeed doctor young who was neutralized for several counts of treason scp 2628 was relocated to the keter class containment and given the apropeit class title interviews with scp 2628 has been postponed indefinitely

adendom 2

Scp—2628 has made multiple visits to scp-343 this has seemed to somewhat lighten his mood though the
Specific interaction between them is unknown because 343 disables the security system in the room

incident log 1

Subject is on route to scp 173 near scp 173's containment area the subject happens to spot a the sign containing information about cscp 173 and begins to panic he manages to over power the guard and tried to escape containment during his escape he assaults multiple on site personal the injuries consistent of borken arms legs hands the subject then was apprehended by agent blank