Item #: SCP-2630

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Because of the nature of SCP-2630, It is to be kept in a 6x9 tight, steel room at site ██. It is to be monitored for 6 hours a day to check for any signs of it trying to escape. In case of a containment breach, a Paper Folded [DATA REDACTED] is to be placed in its room as bait. Every █ days, containment cell must be checked for any visible damage.

Description: SCP-2630 Is a paper folded swan who was created by D-Class Personal D-8742 after coming into contact with a glowing glass orb of gas. SCP-2630 Appears to have a intelligence of a Snow Owl. It has the ability to stay in the air for up to a year without roosting, or landing. while in flight it's speeds can reach up to ██ Meters Per Second. It can be highly aggressive, and may attack on sight. And on occasion SCP-2630 has been reported as "Happy" and will respond positively with staff, and janitorial staff. It can communicate by making chirping noises, and by [DATA REDACTED].

Update: SCP-2630 will fold its self into a paper dove when it shows signs of happiness. During this phase, any human that comes into range of SCP-2630 will be inspired to do something, or to create something. This form is to be called SCP-2630-1. SCP-2630 is non-hostile during this phase. Tests have also shown that when SCP-2630 is "angry" it will fol itself into a paper crow. Any human within 30m of SCP-2630 will be attacked, and will feel a sense of dread. This form is to be called SCP-2630-2. Notable tests of effects of SCP-2630 are as follows.

9/7/14 - Personnel D-████ was requested to go up to SCP-2630-1 and completed the task as requested. As the Subject walked up to SCP-2630-1, he felt a surge of happiness, and inspiration. He then requested a Pencil, and a peace of printer paper. Request approved. Subject then drew a picture for SCP-2630-1. SCP-2630 has shown to enjoy the picture.

12/22/14 - Personnel D-███ was requested to go up to SCP-2630-2 and denied and stated,"This thing is giving me the creeps, I am not going any closer then this." Subject was threatened with termination if he did not comply. Subject followed orders. SCP-2630-2 Started attacking the subject, as the subject ran to the entrance of the containment cell. Subject was terminated after he reached the entrance.

Notes: Subject terminated. You know, I always hated that guy.-Dr. Lance