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Item #: SCP-2651

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2651 is to be contained inside a large glass sphere with a circumference of 10 meters in the center of a 25 meter by 25 meter room of 25cm thick stainless steel at Site-19 This room also includes a 25cm thick stainless steel vault door. Level 3 and above are allowed to enter the chamber for testing, but only with permission from the current Site-19 Administrator. (NO TESTING PERMITTED) Any crack in the glass sphere is to be reported to Site-19 'MTF Triark-54 ("Jade Fox") commander, Sgt. ███████, immediately for relocation of the entity to Section D chamber 234, secondary glass containment sphere, for replacement of original sphere. Any personnel who have been within five meters of SCP-2651's containment chamber report who experience hallucinations or or visual anomalies, please contact Dr. Cooper Report to nearest medical wing for quarantine.

Description: SCP-2651 is a humanoid entity, approximately 4 meters in height, it also has a grey/black color to the flesh. SCP-2651 is also in a state of advanced decomposition, to the state that you can see the most of the respiratory and the circulatory system through the thoracic cavity. SCP-2651 has an extreme hatred for any sentient lifeforms (other than SCP-2651-1). SCP-2651 has an extreme need to exit the facility and will even harm itself in attempts to breach containment. When the glass is broken SCP-2651 will amble away from the glass then search for any sentient being near its area. The dark the almost empty sockets produce white light that can reach up to 23 meters As SCP-2651's light lands on a human, it triggers the fear receptor in the human's brain making him/her have a sudden panic attack and fall to the floor, The light can penetrate any surface other than stainless steel and glass. After the brief panic attack, the human's skin begins to turn to the hue of SCP-2651's skin. Shortly after, the human's facial flesh starts to transition into a material similar to porcelain. After 20 minutes after the humans collapse, his/her skull is completely fractured by the force of the porcelain like substance, then the human's back arches and his body lifts to his/her feet. It is unknown what force lifts the human to its feet. Shortly after, the human starts to speak in a different voice regardless of gender or age. It is unknown how the human is able to speak due to the broken skull. Testing shows that after the human had the panic attack his/her brain seems to die, yet all other vital organs function at an outstanding . The human's eyes hollow and form sockets with white luminescent pinpoint eyes. This entity is classified as SCP-2651-1, SCP-2651-1 is extremely strong regardless of his or her build. SCP-2651-1 gains a hatred for sentient life similar to SCP-2638. SCP-2651-1 is seemingly controlled by SCP-2651. See Test Document 2651-I

Test Document 2651-I (D-3845 is an Caucasian male of average height and build. Physiological background indicates a severe fear of spiders and snakes. He is connected to a electrocardiogram. and electroencephalography monitoring system for the duration of the test, this is necessary for all personnel entering the containment chamber. The subject is a normally calm individual. D-3845 was given no assistance for this test.)

Dr. Cooper: Please enter the containment chamber of SCP-2651.
(The steel door opens slowly.)
D-3845: What the fuck is this thing, a glass ball?
Dr. Cooper: We will now break the glass sphere automatically.
D-3845: Why?
Dr. Cooper: I'm sorry, but this is just part of the test.
D-3845: So, all you are doing is breaking glass? Cool.
Dr. Cooper: Not necessarily. Please back away from the sphere.
D-3845: I'm tired of you fuckers keeping shit from me! What's going to happen when you
break the ball!
Dr. Cooper: D-3845 back away from the sphere immediately or you will be terminated.
D-3845: Fuck you! I'm moving.
Dr. Cooper: Thank you. Dr. Southon please break the sphere.
Dr. Southon yes sir.
A crashing noise is heard as the sphere shatters and as glass contacts with the floor.
The subject runs from the glass, his heart rate and neurological activity increases
Dr. Cooper: Turn off the lights Dr. Southon
(The lights turn off, instantly SCP-2651's lights form and they land directly onto D-3845.)
Dr. Cooper: Calm down D-3845.
(A thumping noise can be heard when D-3845 hits the ground.)
Dr. Cooper: D-3845 can you hear me?
(The electrocardiogram goes asystole, and the electroencephalography monitor shows no signs
of brain function)
(20 minutes pass.)
Dr.Cooper Turn the lights on.
Light fills the chamber and reveals SCP-2651 looking directly at the Dr. Cooper.
The electrocardiogram monitor beeps as D-3845 starts moving.
D-3845: (gurgling,coughing) If you can't…wake up from a nightmare…maybe your not
asleep .
Dr. Southon: What the hell? Is the door opening?
Dr. Cooper: Who is that?
(A loud crashing noise fills the chamber.)
Dr. Southon: Oh my God.
(Dr. Southon flees the room screaming.)
End of Test ██/█/██ 2651-I

Closing Statement: SCP-2651-1 has broken the observation room glass and climbed in killing Dr. Cooper by causing a cervical fracture while the team was distracted by the door. SCP-2651 shot by Jade Fox twice in the chest piercing the heart and killing the entity. SCP-2651 escaped through the containment chamber door in which was opened by Chaos Insurgency agent ████ ██████ In attempt to remove it from the facility. He was found and terminated by Jade fox. After the breach (7) Jade Fox operatives had successfully re-contained SCP-2651, and a replacement glass sphere was placed SCP-2651's chamber.