Item#: SCP-2745

Object class: Euclid/Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-2745 is currently being contained in the fifth (5) basement in site-06-3. Lately, there has been discussion on whether or not SCP-2745 should be moved to a more secure area.
The confinements of SCP-2745 is a eight meter (8) by seven meter (7) by (14) meter humanoid containment area with a rectangular glass square so SCP-2745 can both see and interact with the guards assigned to him. The room is also to be furnished with a twin bed, a small book shelf, a TV, whatever current gaming console he desires, and a personal computer with limited access to the internet.

SCP-2745 is to have two (2) level four's (4) guarding the inside at all times, amd five (5) level three's (3) guarding the outside. SCP-2745 is supposed to be socially interacted with for a total of three times a day. Whether that be meaningless small talk or something that we could use. If said interactions are ignored, SCP-2745 may begin to show violent tendencies. The guards that neglected to interact with SCP-2745 will receive disciplinary action. If SCP-2745 begins to show said tendencies, the guards will try their best to calm SCP-2745 down. If they fail to do so, SCP-2745 will go under lockdown for twenty four (24) hours. If SCP-2745 is still active during that time, the lockdown will be pushed back another 24 hours until he calms. If SCP-2745 manages to escape from his confinement, operatives are ordered to use lethal force against SCP-2475.

SCP-2745 is to not be let out of it’s containment unless authorized by one (1) level five or higher. If let out, it must be accompanied by several level 3’s. He is to be contained in a titanium box. The box must have a way for SCP-2745 to communicate with the ones escorting him.

SCP-2745 experiences random jolts in his mental state even if the operatives were doing their duties. This phenomenon is completely random and uncontrollable. It starts by having SCP-2745’s heart and blood pressure began to increase steadily. This will take about six (6) to eight (8) days to reach it’s full potential. During that time, SCP-2745 is to be moved into a more secure containment facility. There still must be a microphone to communicate in the cell that he’s in. When SCP-2745’s mental state reaches it’s peak the operatives on duty are to lock SCP-2745’s cell and not open it for twenty four (24) hours. When the time is up, a small group of class D’s our sent into SCP-2745’s cell. In the unlikely scenario they don’t come out, the time is pushed back another twelve (12) hours before another batch is sent in. The room that he was in will likely be close to destroyed. SCP-2745 will usually be sitting on the floor muttering to itself. Some class D’s have reported it saying that it was sorry and it wasn’t his fault. Self mutilation is also a common occurrence.

Description: SCP-2745 takes the form of a Caucasian male ranging from the age 10-12. He has straight brown hair and dark green eyes. He is of average muscle build, average height, and average weight. Despite apparent his lack of muscle, SCP-2745 is roughly thirteen (13) times as physically strong as your average human male, when it’s mentally stable. Tests have shown that SCP-2745 is able to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue and bone structure within seconds. Because of his physical prowess, the foundation has considered training SCP-2745 to use him as a weapon against keter. This has been put to the side because SCP-2745 is too unstable to receive proper training at this point.

SCP-2745’s diet consists only of human meat. It can only consume human meat, which part hasn’t proved an issue. Eating anything different disgusts him; He will vomit it up shortly after. He is kept on a diet of nine (9) kilograms per serving. His food is changed three times a day. He prefers to eat it raw, but he will eat it cooked with no noticeable changes in his body. Water is also not a necessity for SCP-2745. If it consumes water it will vomit it out with little to no differences in the substance. A scan of SCP-2745's body has shown that, although it appears human, it contains different organs that separate it from the human race. SCP-2745's body appears to be designed specifically to favor the consumption of human flesh. The details of SCP-2745's [DATA EXPUNGED] A test has shown that SCP-2745 can survive up to two weeks without eating without suffering physically. It is unknown where he disposes of the waste because of his lack of the need to desecrate.

SCP-2745 was found in a rural town near Arizona. SCP operatives were assigned to investigate said town when they heard rumors about a monstrous beast being loose in the area. The town appeared to be abandoned by the ones that survived, but most of the residence of said town appeared to be deceased. Some had been bite size chunks of flesh missing. SCP-2745 was found in a small house soon after. SCP-2745 appeared to be in a state of traumatic shock when SCP operatives found him. SCP-2745 was apprehended with little to no resistance. He later confirmed that he was the cause of the deaths in the town. Any further questions on SCP-2745’s past have gone unanswered.

SCP-2745’s mental state is very unstable. When people are interacting with SCP-2745, his mental state is almost what you’d expect from a boy his age, but when he’s alone for over 24 hours, his mental state rises to dangerous levels. He will try to break the containment cell he’s in and has succeeded both times he’s tried. During his mental episodes, SCP-2745 has the ability to

  • Move at superhuman speeds that weren’t even possible when it was mentally stable.
  • The ability to survive multiple gun, bomb, and blade wounds without showing any noticeable damage.
  • Strength that is approximately thirty nine (39) times as strong as a normal human male.
  • The ability to procure a large, fleshy, and red tendril from his back. The tendril is ⅛ of a meter in width and can grow up to four (4) meters in length. Despite it being very fleshly, it has the ability to break concrete with a single slice. in some cases he can produce as many as six, but he was only able to produce his maximum capacity when he is going through his psychotic episodes. SCP-2745 can only produce three tendrils when he is mentally stable. Doctors have found that the reason for SCP-2745’s ability is [DATA EXPUNGED].

The casualties sustained from SCP-2745’s first attack our [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: SCp-2745's mental state appears to be becoming more stable as the days go one. There have been predictions that SCP-2745 will be able to begin training as an operative in as little as three years.

SCp-2745’s temperament is unhostile and childlike. He’s always nice to whoever he meets or sees. He is very talkative. He prefers if people call him ████ . It is recommended that he is called by said name. SCP-2745’s mental state has been shown to slightly increase when he is called by his number. Despite it being policy that all the of the SCP’s are referred to as their numbers, SCp-2745 is an exception because having it’s mental state go up even slightly is undesirable. This has been debated by many operatives. Dr. ███ has even gone so far to try to get SCP-2745’s class object to get changed to keter. Dr.███ lost many of his coworkers during SCP-2745’s first mental outbreaks.

Interview of SCP-2745’s. Mental status: close to stable. by operative ████████████
Foreword: Operative ████████████ has been given a series of questions regarding SCP-2745’s past.
Operative: Good morning ████. How are you today.
SCP-2745: I’m good, ██████. Thanks.
Operative: Regarding the incident in Arizona, the foundation would like for you to elaborate on the situation
SCP-2745 is silent for two minutes (2) and thirty three (33) seconds before speaking.
SCP-2745: It wasn’t my fault!
SCP-2745 begins to repeat this statement for sixty three (63) seconds.
SCP-2745’s heart rate and blood pressure begins to fluctuate. It was evident that he was becoming mentally unhinged.
Operative: Calm down ████. It’s going to be okay.
SCP-2745 nods. His heart rate and blood pressure go back to normal.
SCP-2745: I wasn’t the one who did it. It was him. He’s the reason why I did it.
Operative: Interesting. Who are you talking about.
SCP-2745 is unresponsive for five (5) minutes.
Operative: How long has he been with you.
SCP-2745: As long as I can remember. I think he wasn't with me up until I was three (3) Because [DATA EXPUNGED].
Operative: Does he ever try to communicate with you?
SCP-2745: When I’m alone, he starts to speak to me. He [DATA EXPUNGED]
Operative: Thank you████.
SCP-2745: You’re welcome. I hope this does help.

Closing statement: SCP-2745's past is linked in with his trauma. Despite him giving us a good deal of info, there is still a large amount of information missing with his story.