Dr. Bastion's last defense
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the relative ease in containing SCP-XXXX, conference room 213 at site-██ has been repurposed to serve as SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. Because there are no means of receiving sufficient power for SCP-XXXX in conference room 213 due to its enormous power usage, all staff wishing to interact with SCP-XXXX are provided a 1000-volt portable power generator. One (1) armed guard is to be positioned outside of SCP-XXX's containment chamber during experiments and/or interviews.

All personnel under level 2 clearance without permission from at least a level XXXX-5 employee are prohibited from communicating with SCP-XXXX. Failure to comply will result in heavy counselling and a two (2) week-long seminar for testing Foundation loyalty.

UPDATE, 8-4-19██: Conference room 213 has been refortified with magnetic locks which require level XXXX-5 clearance. All non-essential interactions with SCP-XXXX have been put on hold indefinitely, and almost all previous personnel have been relieved from the SCP-XXXX project. In the unusual event an interaction with SCP-XXXX has been granted direct approval from at least three (3) XXXX-5 employees, the interviewer will be given 24 hours to write a script for interviewing SCP-XXXX that at least two (2) level XXXX-5 personnel has approved. Any deviation from the script will be met with immediate removal and possible demotion or removal from Site-██.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a beige, hollow steel case measuring 2 meters in height, 50 centimeters in width and 50 centimeters in length. SCP-XXXX is hermetically sealed from all sides apart from a power button, a USB entrance and a built-in power cable on the backside. Judging from the weight of SCP-XXXX (1.03 metric tons) and X-ray images, it is known SCP-XXXX is filled with heavy machinery. However, examining the interior through natural means is at the time impossible, as X-rays of SCP-XXXX shows that it contains a small explosive device. The explosive device is seemingly wired to multiple sensors embedded onto the interior shell of SCP-XXXX, and will activate if contact between atleast one of the sensors is broken. "Dissection" of SCP-XXXX is therefore forbidden, to ensure the prevention of foundation casualties and the extermination of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX was initially recovered from Dr. Bastion's office after he had seemingly committed suicide by electrocution via a home-made helmet inspired by 20th century electric chairs. The helmet was plugged into the USB port of SCP-XXXX, though the SCP-XXXX itself was not connected to any power source. Further study of SCP-XXXX confirms that the helmet was created by Dr. Bastion, though SCP-XXXX itself remains of unknown origin.

When activated, SCP-XXXX will power on and act and sound like Dr. Bastion, claiming that it indeed is him. Despite SCP-XXXX being able to see its environment and process any changes to it, it remains oblivious to itself being of mechanical construct, as it thoroughly believes it is still human. Any attempt to enlighten SCP-XXXX of its current form has been met with extreme denial and heightened emotional stress, in which SCP-XXXX automatically shuts off. It has therefore been recommended to not ask or remind SCP-XXXX of its current form.

Dr. Tate has hypothesized that the reason Dr. Bastion remains delusional is that, since human minds can only view the world one way, and SCP-XXXX is a direct continuation of Dr. Bastion's life before its transfer, it imports and superimposes its previous senses onto its new template, causing its new body to experience the world as though it's still human. This does not, however, explain how SCP-XXXX is capable of using its senses (seeing, hearing, smelling etc.) and is therefore considered an anomaly.

Addendum XXXX-A: While SCP-XXXX appears as highly advanced, it either misses or has broken crucial features for it to be able to "remember" previous activations, and will always react as if it's the first time turned on.