SCP-2844 - "The Cold Creature"

Item #: SCP-2844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-2844 Is to be kept in a Titanium container followed by an extra but smaller Titanium container filled with water. Unlike other SCP's, SCP-2844 has two containers. The other one has no water in it. SCP-2844 must be monitored at all times. No eye contact must be made with SCP-2844 at any time and SCP-2844's container can only be accessed with a Level 4 Key Card. Any off personality traits of SCP-2844 must be reported to higher ups immediately.

Description: Origin of SCP-2844 is currently unknown. SCP-2844 is a Toothpaste Blue humanoid fish type creature with a fins located on its back, arms, legs, and head. SCP-2844 appears to be holding of what is to be an Ice shard in its hand. SCP-2844 has high standard intelligence when it comes to information a few SCP's such as 682,924 and 939. SCP-2844 can also talk english, but not fluently. SCP-2844 is agile and has extraordinary but limited strength. SCP-2844 is 8 feet tall. SCP-2844 has the ability to freeze people on touch with its ice shard. create a visible illusion of the sea. When SCP-2844 does this, the victim seems to drown and enters a state of sleep for 2 - 3 days after 2 minutes. SCP-2844 ability to create an illusion of the sea appears to only work on eye contact. SCP-2844 shows extremely hostile behavior when attempted to be touched. In the season spring, SCP-2844 appears to enter in a state of an opaque Ice Cube. The reason for this is unknown. SCP-2844 seems to have a craving for sharks and whales but has only been fed carp,salmon etc to satisfy it. SCP-2844 has the ability to regenerate when damaged. SCP-2844's weak spot is the head.

Recall protocol 8-90-50: In the event of a containment breach by SCP-2844, All members must track down SCP-2844 immediately and attack him with 100 rounds of ammo from a Barret .50 cal to the head before approaching. If SCP-2844 proves immune to this method then a live shark in must be placed in SCP-2844's field of view as bate.Once that is done, Unit 4 must place a container over SCP-2844.

Interviewed: SCP-2844
Interviewer: Dr.████

Dr.████: "Can you hear me?"
SCP-2844:No respond
Dr.████:"Hmm. I guess not"
SCP-2844 begins talking unexpectedly
SCP-2844:"Of course I can hear you"
SCP-2844 begins speaking in a language unknown to mortal understanding
Dr.████:"I am sorry, what was that?"
SCP-2844 repeats it again
Dr.████ Suddenly begins to move his head towards SCP-2844 and then starts to what seems like is him drowning.
Dr.████ was removed from the alternative container for SCP-2844.
<End Log>