Item #: SCP-2878

Object class: Keter Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-2878 is to be kept in a secure 14’ by 14’ by 14’ soundproof Cedar wood lined containment area. All lighting in the room must come from the bioluminescent bacterium trays placed upon the inside of the cell walls. The trays are to also be made of cedar and can be supplied with manure of any kind. Any personel wishing to enter the cell must wear the suits designed by Professor █████████. The manure and bacteria must be changed every 4 months, it is advised that D-class personnel be used for this task. in the event of a suit breach while in the containment cell; the incinerator surrounding the containment area is to be activated, this will eliminate all infected and none infected personnel within the containment zone. But should leave the SCP and wood unscathed due to SCP 2878’s abilities.

In the event of a containment breach, the outside perimeter surrounding the containment cell is to be flooded with sulfuric acid Supplied from SCP-███. Any and all staff assigned to the sector that survive the breach of clearance level 2 or lower are to be terminated with extreme prejudice and their bodies incinerated. Should the infection parameters reach beyond the outer perimeter, the on-site warhead is to be detonated immediately. In the event of relocation, the new facility must be inside the mainland of the Americas And be built to the specifications of document SCP-2878-32.Doc.

In the event of an infected organism being elected for testing of any kind, the signatures and approvals of no less than 3 staff of clearness level 4 or higher is required. All infected specimens are to be transported in a standard [DATA EXPUNGED] containment locker with an escort of at least 4 armed personnel.

Description: SCP-2878 is a bust of a native american man in traditional garb of what is speculated to be the Iroquois tribe. SCP-2878 is made completely out of an unknown jet black metal. All attempts to mangle, melt down, or in any way change the physical appearance or makeup of the statute have met with complete failure. the statue has weighed in at some 300 lbs and extremely dense.

If any human besides those stated below enters within 3 feet of SCP-2878 without proper protection; they will be undergo a four stage metamorphosis. at this point they will be classified as an instance of SCP-2878-1.
Stage 1: 1.213 seconds after the subject enters SCP-2878’s zone of activation the will cease all life functions.

Stage 2: 6.335 seconds after the subject enters the zone of activation their skin will begin to change pallet to a complete jet black similar to the statue. Any articles of clothing will turn into sulfur dust and fall from the subject.

Stage 3: 44 seconds after the subject enters the zone of activation they will begin increasing in weight by unknown means for the next 20.21 minutes at a rate of 5 lbs a minute. During which time their skin will ossify into a hardened surface again reminiscent of SCP-2878.

Stage 4: after the completion of stage 3 an audible sigh can be heard from the corpse followed by an increase in the zone of activation of SCP-2878 by 2.554 feet.

any electronic device that comes within 3 times the distance of SCP-2878’s current activation zone will stop functioning if an instance of SCP-2878-1 is destroyed by incineration, the activation zones of both the metamorphosis and anti-electrical effects will recede accordingly.

SCP-2878 does not affect people of Native American Descent whose family exclusively includes those who migrated to the Americas before the year 1491 C.E. As the nature of the time period makes it very difficult to track family records, it is still required that all personnel wear the previously stated suits. (This means you Dr. Bright, you must comply no matter how “pure of blood” you think you are). When Oak or cedar wood of any subspecies comes into contact with it or any instance of SCP 2878-1 it becomes seemingly invulnerable. The reason for this is currently unknown but it does help invaluably in containing the Subject. The spread of SCP-2878-1 seems to end immediately at the sea borders of the Americas. Any instance of SCP-2878-1 that is moved from the americas Some unknown force seems to prevent SCP 2878 from leaving the mainland americas.

SCP-2878 was found in 2011 at the [Redacted] Museum of Native American history were It was placed on an oak pedestal with words “bust of chief Iroquois” carved on its side. The object was found by Researcher █████████████ when she was touring the museum with her family. upon coming to the exhibit holding SCP-2978 Researcher █████████████'s son apparently climbed over the velvet rope surrounding the exhibit. In doing so he he came into contact with SCP-2878’s zone of activation and [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in 44 Casualties. Researcher █████████████ immediately contacted the foundation. A perimeter was erected and class B amnesics were administered to all civilians within the vicinity.

Addendum 2878-1: although SCP-2878 is potentially extremely dangerous. Due to it’s successful long term containment the decision to change it to Euclid class has been approved.