Item #:SCP-2947

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2947 appears to take the shape of a modern household object, most commonly a toothbrush, which can teleport around from house to house, making it increasingly difficult to contain. The packaging on SCP-2947 is a normal Colgate toothbrush, a non-electric toothbrush to be exact. SCP-2947 can manifest into anything else, a milk jug, or a normal rug.


SCP-2947 is a normal Colgate toothbrush, which is most commonly its form, which is not an electric toothbrush. When applied with toothpaste and in contact with skin cells on a Homo sapiens then it will attempt to stick itself to the skin of the subject using it and will slowly be engulfed by the victim's skin, and turn into it's real form, a some sort of pathogen, which will be released throughout the body's vessels.

Within five hours, the victim will experience Stage 1 trauma, experience serious dementia and have seizures.

After five hours, the victim will forget everything that happened to himself, and slowly begin to suffocate, and experience paralysis.

In 10 minutes, the victim will slowly begin to decay, and will leave nothing more than SCP-2947, as it completes its cycle.

SCP-2947 has a cycle. Every hour, it will transport itself to another location if not held by a subject. The cycle will pause if held, and the cycle will last around 6 hours and 10 minutes.