SCP-2965 "Ghost Island"


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All sea and air traffic are to be diverted from a 3 mile radius surrounding SCP-2965 with a hidden British Armed Forces installation as a cover story. All ships and aircraft within the Green Zone are to be terminated if they do not immediately comply with initial proximity warnings from on-site SCP personnel.

SCP-2965 is to be monitored at all times by a fleet of no fewer than 100 armed naval and aerial drones patrolling the 68m "Green Zone" surrounding the "Red Zone". The Red Zone is comprised of everything within a 35m spherical radius of SCP-2965. All research teams must be accompanied by heavily-armed security personnel at all times when exploring SCP-2965 at a 2:1 ratio. All personnel staying within the Red Zone when SCP-2965 dematerializes are to be considered KIA. Any and all instances of SCP-2965-2, SCP-2965-3, SCP-2965-4 and SCP-2965-5 found within the Green Zone are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-2965 is an anomalous, 253 acre landmass north of the Hebridean Sea at ██°, ██', ██" that phases in and out of reality for a variable period of time depending on the phases of the moon (See Addendum-1 for details).

SCP-2965 is devoid of all forms of native life, with the exception of SCP-2965-2, SCP-2965-3, SCP-2965-4, SCP-2965-5 and numerous species of plant unknown to modern science. The only signs of native sentient life are a small cottage built from basalt columns (Point 4A), a sundial with a gnomon constructed of some unknown metal (Point 6B), [REDACTED] (Point ██), over 423 individual petroglyphs, [REDACTED] (Point ██) and [EXPUNGED] (Point ██).

SCP-2965-1 is an amphibious, reptilian carnivore similar to a mermaid 1.6 meters in length and approximately 112kg in mass. SCP-2965-1 is hostile to all heterogynous lifeforms and will anything in sight by either tearing out the neck or through abdominal evisceration.

SCP-2965-2 is a carnivorous, bilaterally asymmetric aerial predator with a 7ft wingspan, a length of 2.5m and an estimated mass of 103kg, resembling a disfigured pterodactyl in a moderate state of decomposition. Incident 2965-3A revealed SCP-2965 to be primarily a carrion-feeder.

SCP-2965-3 is a large, muscular humanoid estimated at 3.5m in height and 305kg in weight. Because of its aggressive and reclusive behavior, data on SCP-2965-3 is either insufficient or inconclusive.

SCP-2965-4 is an amorphous, ethereal creature resembling a jade-green, translucent amoeba, found primarily near Point ██ between the hours of 0300 and 0615. Subject's behavior is unpredictable and has been known to [EXPUNGED] its prey with several barbed pseudopods extending from the nucleus.

SCP-2965-5 is a small, eyeless, finch-sized herbivore capable of flight despite lacking wings or other visible forms of aerial locomotion. Subject's "head" is little more than a sphincter lined with flat, grinding teeth for consuming fungi and plant matter. Flying in flocks of up to 15 individuals, SCP-2965-5 is the primary food source for all other known lifeforms on SCP-2965-1.

Non-native artificial constructs on SCP-2965 include a beached Foxtrot-class submarine of Soviet Union registry, 2 Phantom FG.1 fighter jets registered to the FAA1, 2 handysize2 merchant ships, 4 cabin cruisers, 16 dories3, 2 yachts and 1 helicopter. All of which are in varying states of decay and were reported missing between 19██ and 20██.

SCP-2965 was discovered on ██/██/20██ after Foundation agents traced the aforementioned disappearances to a single location and was given the Keter classification after 17 SCP personnel were killed during initial exploration.