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Still from video feed seconds before SCP XXXX-H's paralysis

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be kept inside its accustomed wardrobe at site Sector-25 with both doors closed when not in use, however they are at no time allowed to be locked, sealed or barricaded. SCP XXXX will remain placed in a foetal position inside its wardrobe between a pair of leather boots and a woolly jumper.

Description: SCP XXXX resembles a female doll in a state of considerable degeneration, dating back to the Victorian Era. The doll wears a red gold-trimmed dress than begins with a white ruff and ends in a wide skirt that hides the legs. SCP XXXX also dons a white bonnet, complete with a half-decayed handheld fan dating back to the same time period, and has pink skin tinted green from what is hypothesised as an effect of the material's worn state. SCP XXXX is, as of now, currently missing one eye, one hand, and most of its golden hair.

SCP XXXX remains in a state of perpetual dormancy until further contact is made with it, after which it will 'awaken' and begin a modus operandi, specifically known as SCP XXXX-1. SCP XXXX-1 will then emit a low-pitched vocal countdown from any number between 30 and 500, during which the person who last interacted with the doll will be given time to hide. SCP XXXX-1 will then become fully animated and will 'seek' the hider, also known as SCP XXXX-H, by any means possible, usually preferring to walk on both legs at a regular pace.

SCP XXXX-1 has no present knowledge of the location of SCP XXXX-H once animated. As SCP XXXX-1 draws nearer to SCP XXXX-H, he/she will begin to experience great senses of nausea, panic, and fear, though the direct causes of these are not known, since SCP XXXX-H, in most cases, shares no knowledge of SCP XXXX-1's own location.

The range of SCP XXXX-1's movement when seeking SCP XXXX-1 is usually counteracted by a specific time limit during its hunt. The time for SCP XXXX-1 to give up, which it will announce out loud in the same low-pitched tones, is completely unpredictable, although it is thought that in most cases there is no time limit, and that SCP XXXX-1 will continue to search for SCP XXXX-H incessantly. SCP XXXX-1 will ignore all subsequent individuals who are not directly involved in the procedure, unless, of course, they attempt any form of apprehending SCP XXXX-1's pursuit of SCP XXXX-H, which can result in minor or major consequences.

SCP XXXX-1 can be re-animated at any time when dormant. This can happen by doing one of several things:

Knocking on the wardrobe1

Saying the words "I'm Ready For Another Game. Are You Ready?" in close proximity to SCP XXXX

Opening the wardrobe and taking SCP XXXX out

Opening and wardrobe and immediately hiding

If SCP XXXX-1 manages to find SCP XXXX-H, SCP XXXX-1 will chant the words "I've found you", after which SCP XXXX-H will be instantly paralysed all over his/her body, unable to flee from SCP 2968-1. While paralysed, SCP XXXX-1 has been known to graze parts of SCP XXXX-H's skin, or, in other cases, proceed to rip out [DATA EXPUNGED].

After SCP XXXX-1 has finished with its assault, and SCP XXXX-H is mobilised, the doll will present an optional question whether they wish to discontinue the game of Hide and Seek or reverse rolls. If SCP XXXX-H chooses the latter, SCP XXXX-1 will gain a tremendous boost in speed as it runs off to hide, and SCP XXXX-H can then start the countdown. There have been no cases of SCP XXXX-H ever managing to find SCP XXXX-1, although demonic laughter is known to be heard solely by SCP XXXX-H coming from long distances. SCP XXXX-1 will then reappear inside its wardrobe after 18 hours.

In all cases, survivors of SCP XXXX-1 have required special psychological therapy.