SCP-3002 - House for Hearts
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Item #: SCP-3002

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3002-A must be contained on the acrylic glass dome, one door located on the front of the dome. This house is to be monitered by 4 security cameras around SCP-3002-A. SCP-3002-B is to be kept in 4 x 4 m steel room with security cameras on the corner ceilings. No SCP-3002-B will attack the personnel when staying in SCP-3002-A.

Exterior of SCP-3002-A

Description: SCP-3002 is the collective designation given to two separate entities originating in the 5th street of ██████, The Bahamas specifically designated SCP-3002-A and SCP-3002-B.

SCP-3002-A is a two-story house located in ██████, The Bahamas. The Exterior was composed out of bone, concrete, and stone. The Interior appears to be human flesh. SCP-3002-A containing an heart in the attic. Furniture made out of Human Bone, Hair, and Strings. The Exterior of SCP-3002-A it has an Humanoid Face. An Front Door is SCP-3002-A's Mouth. 2 Front Windows is SCP-3002-A's Eyes. No Nose appearing on the front exterior of SCP-3002-A when observed.

SCP-3002-B resembling sillouettes of 6 Homo sapiens, but lack any facial features. It resemble 2 adults (1 male, 1 female), 4 children (2 male, 2 female). SCP-3002-B living inside SCP-3002-A are normal. Any subject near SCP-3002-B will have an conversation.

During explorations of SCP-3002-A, SCP-3002-A have been recorded to move to other houses not on the street. Houses explored by SCP-3002-A have been shown to be vastly different, including architectural and anomalous changes. Changes include:

  • House Architecture matching that of Organic work.
  • Several graffiti of various sizes along the walls, ceiling, and floors of the interior.
  • House being made entirely of Osteocytes (human bone).
  • House walls, floors, and ceiling being made entirely of what appeared to be human flesh.
  • House containing no instances of SCP-3002-B. It was noted that no instances of SCP-3002-B left SCP-3002-A during this move.

Incident Report 2727-1: Instances of SCP-3002-B became violent, attacking neighbors and attempting to exit SCP-3002-A. Violent instances of SCP-3002-B were terminated immediately. Approximately fifteen minutes later, an portal (designated SCP-3002-C) came outside SCP-3002-A. Fifteen instances of SCP-3002-B proceeded to carry deceased instances onto an portal.


Welcome to the house for hearts! I'm Dr. Wondertainment! I'm here to meet the family of house for hearts! I hope you like their attraction, It's the best place ever kids!