Item# “SCP-3009”
Creature’s class: Euclid
Containment procedure: Creature must be fed 10 times a day, the food it must be fed include= any kind of meat even flesh. This creature is allowed to walk around for only 3 hours a day, and must be kept on constant observation. If the creature does not get its outside time it will go on a rampage. Must likely it will just claw at object nearby.
Description: The creature is reported to look like a cat. Features include every feature a cat has but with sharper fangs and claws. It is very dangerous near other SPC. It is reported to have another type of companion that is invisible or not spiritual. The creature was reported to tell the future, it told when staff members lost companions and pets. It also was recorded to of been able to speak during an interview hoping to find an answer to where it came from. It was reported to of killed some animals for food but it is considered safe near humans and plants. It skin is also is able to withstand rockets or stabs.
SCP's sightings
The first sighting of this creature was in 1967 when a young family called me to report this, no one came. Looking around to find that the cables for their phone have been cut. That was the last sighting of SCP-3009. The next sighting was in 1988 when an old man looked for a drink and felt something furry like a cat, he soon reported by quote “I don’t have any animals I never have, none of my friend were over so I just thought it was a stray and I called animal control.” Then a team of soldiers I called found it near a swimming pool and lured it into a cage and brought it back to the facility for research.
Notes made by Dr. Nuke- while I did my researched I found many weird things about it seems to be able to harden its skin to dangerous situation, and also able to withstand extreme heat and radiation.
Last words- for those who ever meet this in the facility always have meat nearby or it will be upset.
-Dr. Nuke.