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Item #: SCP-3045

Object Class: Elucid

Special Containment Procedures: A 2 acre large enclosure complete with forest, stream, river, mountainous, and plains regions. Workers with a Class █ security passes may enter the enclosure. Feathers must be brushed and one cow is to be placed into the enclosure weekly. Be wary of head. If creature is to escape, facility is to be put on lockdown immediately and all personnel are to head into a building with at least four walls and a roof, until further notice. If any changes in behavior are to take place, contact a higher staff member immediately.

Description: SCP-3045 is a large terrestrial species from the ancient family of theropod called Tyrannosaurs. SCP-3045 stands about 3-3.5 meters tall and is about 9-10 meters in length. Its species is Albertosaurus sarcophagus. The specimen is female and lays 1-3 unfertilized eggs each and every other month. It is a species native to Canada and North America. Its roar can be heard throughout the complex and is usually mistaken with SCP-250 except SCP-250 has no sound. Many staff members have died while cleaning SCP-3045 so at least 10 armed guards with armor piercing rounds are to be with any personnel in the enclosure at all times. SCP-3045 has a small amount of proto-feathers on its upper body, near the base of its neck. Keep away from all other SCP’s especially SCP-173 as it can and will, destroy the sculpture and because its neck is too wide for SCP-173 to break.

SCP-3045 is to be Secured Contained and Protected at all cost. If any others of its species are to be found, the specimen seems to not be hostile to its own kind, although it is necessary to run a more █ to conclude this hypothesis.
1. Cause of death on most staff is not the initial bite itself but the strong digestive acids secreted onto the victim after being swallowed.
2. SCP-3045 commonly stalks staff viewing or passing its enclosure. Be wary of this and any other change in behavior.
3. SCP-3045 seems to be angered by flash photography or anything pointed in its direction. Be cautious when writing near or working near it.