scp-3086 the robot mega shark

scp-3086 object class:keter scp-3086 is a shark and a octopus and equipped with rockets with legs scp-3086 is very dangerous if scp-3086 may ever escape every nearby beach must be shutdown and never open again because if scp-3086 ever comes in contact with water he will become stronger and faster and spreads acid in the water. scp-3086 discovery site is [data expunged] scp-3086 must be fed every 5 days with fish food we do not know why scp-3086 likes fish food. scp-3086's rockets must be taken off so he cant blast the walls open. scp-3086 has human lungs and gills scp-3086 can talk human to trick his prey in water he will act like he is drowning to attract food scp-3086's food chain is:fish food human flesh and hearts. scp-3086 may never meet scp-053 or scp-058.scp-3086 likes to kill and watch people choke.scp-3086 wants to create a army of zombie sharks that's why the foundation never lets scp-3086 interact with scp-049.if scp-3086 does escape a group of mobile task forces and marine agents will be sent to recontain him. scp-3086 hates any type of music.scp-3086 ate dr.[data expunged] the foundation scp-3086 is located at is site [data expunged]. scp-3086 is immortal and any type of damage will not stop him he kills anything in his path. if scp-3086 ever does get a army site [data expunged] must be nuked. if scp-3086 ever comes in contact with scp-682 the country must be evacuated. the only scp who can stop 3086 is scp-173.scp-3086 hates everything he claims he used to be human.if scp-3086 ever gets his rockets while in containment his chamber must be filled with acid. scp-3086 is studied by dr.[data expunged]the foundation finds it interesting how the effects of scp-617 does not work on 3086.the foundation is making ideas of what will happen if we put 3086 in the containment chamber of 096. we wonder if shy guy can kill him. scp-3086 does not die of age he's been around for 500 million years. he is friends with 682 we think they are planning a escape.scp-3086 has no backbone he does not have to use the restroom.scp-3086 is a danger to the world. he's held captive in cell 10683 in site [data expunged] scp-3085 has dreams of freedom and the more damage he takes the more he changes. 3086 is nicknamed: the hunter.
*log off* [signing out] {file made by agent 21}
.secure.contain.protect SCP (scp-3086)