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Item #: SCP-3116

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3116 and SCP-3116-A are to be kept in Research Sector - ██. SCP-3116 and SCP-3116-A are never let out of containment unless given permission by a level three or higher. If a test is to be conducted then SCP-3116-A will be ordered to give the Class D the medicine. The Class - D will be sent to sleep with a camera to monitor SCP-3116. On the fifth night the Class D will be connected to a stress monitor to monitor the mental and physical pain the Class D is going through.SCP-3116 can not breach because scp-3116 is only hostile in sleep. All footage and photographs of SCp-3116 are classified. If SCP-3116-A breaches, she will be lured back to her containment chamber with a Class D. SCP-3116-A is NOT allowed to be in contact with any humanoid SCPs. If SCP-3116-A is in contact with a humanoid SCP she will mistake the SCP as a human and offer it the medicine.The medicine does affect the humanoid SCPs but it will not neutralise them.

Description: SCP - 3116 is a anomalous creature wearing all black that only appears in sleep paralysis. SCP - 3116 will only appear if given a special medicine from a SCP code named SCP - 3116-A. The medicine SCP - 3116-A gives the victim is supposed to help the victim go to sleep. After a victim is given the medicine they will drink it and go to bed. If they have the medicine they will have sleep paralysis. SCP - 3116 will watch them for four nights. On the fifth night SCP - 3116 will allow the victim to move in the dream. Victims who survived SCP - 3116 have said that SCP - 3116 told them that they had a ten second head start. Once you run, SCP - 3116 will run after you with a knife that has dry blood on it. If the victim is faster than SCP - 3116, SCP - 3116 will taunt the victim and hurt them mentally until they are on the ground helpless, and sometimes weeping. SCP - 3116 knows about all your sins.If a victim escapes SCP - 3116 they will always feel like they are being watched. SCP - 3116 will only attack in sleep paralysis.SCP - 3116-A will only offer the medicine once. SCP - 3116 calls herself "The Doctor." SCP-3116-A is always dressed up as a nurse.When the bottle of medicine is observed the suspects say "Sleep paralysis, Possible Death, and "The watcher".

Addendum: SCP-3116-A was found in ████████ Hospital.